Spectrum Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Spectrum Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Spectrum is the media and cable internet/tv provider that is the result of the merger between Time/Warner Cable, Charter Cable, and Brighthouse Cable.

Official Address:
60 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10023
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-364-8200
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-833-780-1880

Spectrum Corporate Offices

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  2. I am trying to get Spectrum mobile. Last Saturday the 23 I was at the Portland, ME office. The rep went thru the process of letting me use my unlocked phone. However, when it came time to pay the system said it couldn't proceed. Was told I'd get an email with request for additional info. Here it is the 28th and no email. While I was there I told rep that one of my cable boxes kept rebooting so he gave me a new on which works fine. Yesterday my old cable box started acting up by taking 20+ seconds to change channel and this morning It won't even allow me to change channel. This does not comport well for a service company.

    1. I spoke with Maria i believe in OH to ask a few question about your Internet Assit
      serv.On May 20th 2019. Told her i would talk to my husband and get back to her. The very next day I have a modem at my front door. I have been trying to get someone here to pick it up ever since. I spoke with at least 8 different people on 3 occasions i was told that they would send someone over between 1-3pm. And once that Fed Ex would come on 6/4 all 4 times no one showed. They are telling me now i have to return it. I DID NOT ORDER THIS! I have tried and tried, I give up. Now i am going out of town to help my daughter in law who is having another baby soon. I told them all i would be leaving today. It just amazes me a big corp like yours and your employees will not work with one another. Very sad!!! I will try again when i get back in a few weeks. I've also tried to call your corp. office and no one answer's.

  3. I tried once more to get my mobile phone service and this time was given a 800 number that forced me to go thru a computer and when I get a person he doesn't know about extra info needed.

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  5. Called spectrum to discuss an issue our homeowners are having with their installers drilling through their main plumbing line and causing raw sewage to back up in their yard and home. Lady who answered the main phone line for the corporate office didn't even let me finish introducing myself, sighed, hung up the phone, and now my calls cannot be completed to them. Great Service!

  6. I think it is crazy that a company can get away with charging you for a fill month of service when they cut your service off because you are one month behind and they wont let you make payment arrangements. My due date suddenly changed - I get paid once a month on the 25th and am a single mother on a fixed budget. I got behind by one month more than a year ago and have paid on the 25th every month since then. For the last 3 months they turn my cable off on the 20th and for 5 days I have no services but then get charged for a full month. Skeezy was to do business in my opinion.

  7. Apparently Spectrum is to big for the concern of the customers. My father 80 year old continuely stay out of cable connection. NOT only is SPECTRUM the WORST service... their repair and customer service is just at BAD. He is the ONLY one on the street that is out of cable..AND YES neighbors has service. He has been with out for 2 whole days and can't even call 911 in an emgerency… So... When will you all quit LIEING about how great you are and start getting better service ???

  8. Trying to get an answer as to why no one showed up for an install is impossible. If Fios was offered in my area I'd subscribe. Calling Direct TV.


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