Yeti Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Yeti Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Official Address:
7601 Southwest Parkway
Austin, TX 78735

Corporate Phone Number: 1-512-394-9384
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-512-394-9384

Hours: Monday – Friday
8:00AM – 5:30PM CT

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  1. Since your company cut ties with the NRA, I and my family/friends will never purchase any of your products. Good luck bowing to socialism.

  2. You guys have lost your way. What idiot would insult those who buy your products?might as well close up shop and move to Australia where they have lost gun rights cause you have lost the major buyers of your crap . New corporate image tell people how to think!

  3. When a brand new car is purchased is the salesman supposed to show the cars important items like, lights, emergency brake, and other important items that help you drive your new car. I was not shown anything. When an appointment has been made to pick up your new car shouldnt the salesman come on time and not make you wait. Does it take over 3 hours after paying cash for a new car to get it ready for me to take it. Do I take the car with the salesman to the gas station to get fuel. Do you get 2 keys for your new car or do you have to wait until the salesman finds the other key and has to bring it to your house. When you settle on a price with the salesman and the Ass't manager, do you come back 1 day later and the price has changed. Isnt this suppose to be enjoyable. It was not at all.

  4. Hello my name is Tiffany,I have been trying to get my debit card straighten out because of charges that where not supposed to come out,I have contacted the GM multiple times, customer service and nothing has been done,my husband stays in hotels the whole year for work and this has never happened before,not only my husband but all the other guys that work with him are going through the same thing. My account has lots of overdraft due to them just taking what they want and when, it's been 2 days now and no one was called to make this right,I will get a lawyer and get my money back plus all the late fees. You need to fix this!!!!

  5. To whom it may concern . I have been a customer of Petco for many years and I must say , how dissapointed I am with online service ordering . My last dog passed away 3 months ago and recently have a Boxer puppy . My vet recommended a prescription type puppy dry food . Puppy Development. I found a 22lb bag on Petcos online site , abd ordered it . I recieved an email from Petco stating my order has been received, The next day I was sent an email by Petco stating my dog food woukd be delivered by Fed , with a tracking number and would arrive by Friday May 11th 2018 . I necer recieved the shipment. I called 3 times and spoke with 3 different agents . One said they emailed my vet and my vet did not respond to the email , the other agent to me petco faxed 2 request for approval and said my vet did not respond , the last agent said that PETCO called and left a message and said my vet did not return the call . I recieved 3 different answers from Petco . I called my vet and both my vet and his staff NEVER RECIEVED ANY OF THE REQUEST BY PETCO . I then called again Petco and simply asked to cancel my order yesterday 5/12/18 .
    Guess what ? I recieved another email from Petco stating my order has been recieved. I am completely frustrated by Petco now . I asked to speak with a supervisor and they told me that there is not one available. I was told that a supervisor will call me . No one has called me to even apologize for the mix up . I will never buy or vist PETCO AGAIN.

  6. I've been involved with a lot of companies over the years and had a great deal of experience. But in 60 years, I have never experienced such a run-around that I've received from Sears/A&E factory service. I purchased one of your warranty plans in good faith. I've had the misfortune to have a problem with my range. They have continued to pass me off to at least 10 people, to no avail. It's horrible. I don't know if you've had this problem in the past, but it certainly needs to be turned over to either legal or the general public addressing this issue.

  7. This is to inform Wal-Mart CEO that as long as Wal-Mart carries ANY product that encourages impeaching 45, or attacks either verbal or physical towards the President's administration, I WILL NOT patronize your stores, physical or online. I will also extend this boycott to any vendor that follows th is precedent set forth by Walmart. I ask you to appreciate the fact that since "45" has been in office that Wal-Mart stock has risen significantly in value. So as good business sense and loyalty to not only your stockholders , but customers, please remove this offensive merchandise, and replace it with maybe MAGA merchandise. Thank you for your consideration.

  8. Since you are selling products that carry the slogan impeach 45, I refuse to patronize any of your stores, online or physical. This also goes for any affiliations to the Wal-Mart or Sam's ClubClub. There are plenty of PRO American stores I can shop at. You should appreciate the fact that since President Trump took office the value of Wal-Mart stock has risen. I will resume my patronage of your establishment AFTER you remove this merchandise.


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  10. rooms are visible with cockroaches in the bathroom and in the wall.
    and smell weed and smoke smells so hard. cant pass for a recomendation

  11. Over Price of vehicle purchase
    I went to purchase a 2019 Dodge Ram quad pickup
    from Chapman Dodge ram Las Vegas. We came to an agreement over E-Mail that the final price of the Vehicle would be $17,985.60 out the door. When I arrived at the Dealership I found out the Vehicle did not have GPS System. They said they could put me into another Vehicle with the GPS system for a $1,000.00 more out the door. I agreed with there offer which would bring the price up to around $18985.60 out the door. We shook hands with the Salesman.
    I signed the Contract with the finance person expecting the price would be to what we agreed to. when I got home I was going through the Contract to get the info for my car Insurance and discovered that they charged me $1600.00 instead of $1,000.00 we agreed to. They also added a extended warranty that was never discuss with me and I would never think of getting it. They Said they had cancelled the warranty but still owe me $600.00 for the over charge. My wife was with me so I do have a witness to what was said. I paid $5000.00 down on the Vehicle and should have had a balance of around $13,900.00. Instead they have a balance of $14,523.00. Here is the E-Mail I received from Chapman dodge for final price on the First Vehicle without the GPS...
    This is what the Salesman quoted price out the door was $17,985.60. This is the E-Mail I received from him before I went in to purchase Vehicle..
    Edmundo Martinez
    Jul 25
    to me
    Alright so here is what I got for you John. You will be getting $18,720 plus your tax credit of $1,544,40 coming out to a total of $20,264.40. If you are including this into the deal the remaining balance will be $17,985.60. I'm all in on all angles buddy so lets wrap this up.

    Chapman Dodge also informed me that they had already cancelled my extended warranty that I did not want and sent a payment to the US Bank St. Louis. That was three weeks ago. I was just informed by the bank that they had no knowledge of the payment and that the warranty was not cancelled..There is no reason to lie to your customers. I also talked to the GM at Chapman Dodge and he said he would talk to his salesman and get this settle. It's been over a week and still have not heard from him...

  12. Burning anything with a Nike logo. You need to think about how many families have someone in the military. Boots on the ground overseas, different states,POW\MIA and in the ground. Not to mention how many of us watched as our parents suffered through being disabled vets. I will be posting on all my social media's all of your brands for people to boycott. I am sickened by the lack of respect Nike has for the men and women fighting for our flag, country, freedom.

  13. I have been a CVS stockholder for many years and use the CVS store located in the 3500 block of 54 Avenue South in St. Pete, FL for my workers' comp Rxs.

    EVERY SINGLE TIME FOR THE PAST FEW MONTHS, when refilling the same RX's, the staff has improperly filled the Rx's, by either charging them to Medicare in error, not filling them according to the Rx and allowed by workers' comp insurance, or failed to fill them at all.

    In the most recent refill event, I called in the refills last night, verified that they were both filled by phone this morning, and went to the drive-in window to pick them up by handing the clerk a printed piece of paper with my name, address, DOB, Phone #, and requested the Rx's.
    First the clerk asked me for my was printed in bold black letters, then she asked me for my name again. Does CVS only hire stupid people??
    Next she told me that medicare had refused the Rx's and I'd have to pay cash. I told her the refills, along with the original Rx's were WORKERS' COMP not medicare.
    Next the clerk told me to wait in the parking lot until they could reprocess the claim correctly.

    The incompetence of this store's employees in the Rx Dept. is huge.

    Sad, to see my investment so poorly managed.

    AS A STOCKHOLDER of CVS I am outraged that there is so much incompetence and

  14. DO NOT buy from Furniture Row bought a kitchen set chair broke in which we did nothing to it watching TV and hear a noise it broke somehow anyway they would not replace the chair as this was only 5 months old BUYERS BEWARE they do not stand by there products of course they have NO problem selling the product

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  17. To Corporate Headquarters...I'm responding to an email I received today (that would not let me reply back).
    Sorry, but I wanted a specific thing, which I ordered but was told you could not make the personalized Yosemite Valley picture on the 30 oz tumbler. It is a great picture with great significance to me, and the only one I would want.

    If you can get permission to use that picture I sent you, please let me know and I will re-order it.

    Thank you,
    Tamara Bergum [email protected]


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