Heartland Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Heartland Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Heartland Food Products Group
Official Address:
14300 Clay Terrace Blvd.
Suite 249,
Carmel, IN 46032 USA

Email: Online
Corporate Phone Number: 1-317-566-9750
Fax Number: 1-317-566-9751
Customer Service Number: 1-317-566-9750

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  1. We hired a car from Alamo and picked the car up from Orlando Airport on a 61 day rental. Whilst using the car a message came up on the dash to 'change engine oil soon'. After visiting an Alamo Rental Office on the 192 Kissimmee, we were told that there was a Depot at The Magic Kingdom at Disney. We took the car there and made an appointment for the next day when they would change the oil for us. We arrived early the next day and the car was in the garage more or less straight away. We would just like to say that all the staff at the Car Care Center, Walt Disney World Resort, were brilliant and the service was exceptional. Thank you to all who were involved and well done Alamo.

  2. There's a cashier by the name of Dee in the Oak Forest store who never greets customers. She always has a disgusted look on her face. If you ask her about what is on sale or a rain check, she will say she has no idea! Why would anyone put such a miserable person on a register? She clearly, hates her job and doesn't want to be there. She really makes me not want to shop there! Also, I frequent many different jewel stores. I NEVER see any "blue shirts" or managers on the floor! Every other jewel I shop at has managers working the entire floor including cashiering and bagging!

  3. 0Althoguh Amazon states above that they make their address front and center, that is not true. I tried numerous times to get a solution to a problem with no luck. I then wrote a letter. It came back two weeks later with the address crossed out and instructions that I should use their customer service feature on line. They don't have a customer service feature on line. It will run you around in circles and you will never be able to write a word to anyone. The problem is that Amazon has gotten too big to care about customers anymore. They think they are too big to fail. I intend to get the word out about how they have treated me no matter how long or how extreme they get to keep me from speaking. Amazon, just may make the evening news. People do talk about their experiences.


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