BH Management Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

BH Management Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
BH Management Services, LLC
Official Address:
400 Locust St. Suite 790
Des Moines, IA 50309 USA
Email: Online Form
Corporate Phone Number: 1-515-244-2622
Fax Number: 1-515-244-2742
Customer Service Number: 1-515-244-2622

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  1. Sueing....
    Apparently this doesn't seem to be an issue. No one wants to get back to me on the subject. I've been on phone with labor board and lawyer. 100 biddle Rd Medford or. Wendys. My mgr Katie had her employee kholea call me and tell me I'm fired. Therefore my check should've been ready 3 days ago. Very unlroffessional. Still no one will tell me where my check is. Breach of many contracts. I just want my check. Today! Going to call my lawyer back. Please respond asap. 541 200 4257

  2. I've lived at West M Apartments for a year now. I've had nothing but one problem after the next. Now, I have an infestation of mice for two months. I've went to management several times and was told other then the sticky mouse traps, that's all that can be done. I cant break my lease or have to pay in full, live with mice and that's supposed to be ok and have to deal with it pretty much until my lease is up. This isn't right.

  3. How would you like to hear it from someone who worked at a property in Orlando. I wasn't suppose to find the problem but I did. Then they tried to say the problem was only a week old when it was over a month. They were punishing the tenants because they couldn't find the problem & the tenants kept complaining. What kind of people are they?

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  5. Unresolved noises issues from tenants above our unit. No one has resolved it and this must be addressed immediately. Who can I contact for a prompt response? Thank you.


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