Yellowbox Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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Yellowbox Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Yellow Box Corporation
Official Address:
3230 E. Imperial Hwy. Ste. 300
Brea, California 92821 USA
Email: [email protected]
Corporate Phone Number: 1-714-985-6180
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-888-279-3600

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  1. opening up escrow 10/23/2015 from the branch office in lake havasu arizona, closing was set for 12/15/2015. the duration of those 2 months was absolutely ridiculous! my "assigned agent" is a idiot, lacks customer service, communication skills, never returns any of my calls! asking for a new agent from office manager was a joke, as was talking to the regional manager. ginger thornton continued to make numerous mistakes that has cost me time, money, taking off from work, driving 100 mile r/t for a gift letter signature 9 times!!! no one in this office informed me they would be out of office from 12/18-??? as no one is answering calls, i am actually getting info from my realtor and the seller realtor! go figure!! i have called 3 times now to corporate to inquire info on status, yet i get the run around, pulled out of the air new closing dates, tyler irving cannot get the closing docs for me to view on the follow your acct site that i have never been able to open and see whats going on. I HAVE HAD THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE WITH THIS LOAN. I WENT WITH WF THROUGH MY UNION, BUT I WILL BE SURE TO LET THEM KNOW OF THE ROTTEN, UNPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE I HAVE ENCOUNTERED. I GAVE MY LANDLORD MY 30 DAY NOTICE TO VACATE BY MID, NOW END OF THE MONTH, YET I HAVE NOWHERE TO GO! I HAD MAJOR BACK SURGERY IN AUGUST OF THIS YEAR, AND MOVING ONE TIME IS THE PLAN. NEW TENANTS WILL BE MOVING INTO THIS APT 1/2/2016, AND I STILL HAVE NOW PLACE TO GO OR PUT MY STUFF. I HAVE EXACTLY 2 DAYS. I REALLY THINK GINGER, MONTE AND GINA OWE ME A MONTHS RENT, AND THERAPY OVER ALL THIS TURMOIL. THEY ALL NEED TO BE FIRED!!!!!!!! THIS WOULD INCLUDE DEBBIE JAY WHO NEVER RETURNS CALLS EITHER, AND KELLY PATINE. THEY ALL NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM THIER JOBS AS THEY DO NOT PERFORM!!!!!


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