RushCard Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

RushCard Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
UniRush, LLC
Official Address:
10625 Techwoods Circle
Cincinnati, OH 45242 USA
Email: [email protected]
Corporate Phone Number: 1-866-787-4227
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-866-787-4227

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  1. This website along with Sears stores, and .com sites are not helpful at all. Sears is a joke and does not offer any customer service phone numbers or answers. The very disrespectful person who answers the Sears Corporate should be fired for being an ignorant person. The person did not even listen to me or say hold on, she just transferred me to the sears options?? I wanted to talk to Sears corporate about a complaint that has been going on for weeks between myself and their store in Vineland, NJ. Well it just goes to show the Corporate offices are a joke too. Sears seems to be a money hungry, not caring, not taking care of customers company. I am so dissatisfied with the performance of the store personnel, the customer service personnel, and now the Corporate personnel has let me down too. I am so embarrassed I trusted Sears to be an upstanding company. Now I see from other reviews and comments, they are not adequate anymore to be competent to sell quality products. They have sold out the American people for their lust of money. Shame on Sears, will not be shopping at Sears anytime soon. They have let me down for the last time

    1. this email was supposed to go to Sears corporate, not rushgard. This site is a poor excuse for a website.

    2. Extended Stay America Orlando-Maitland-1776 Pembrook Dr.1776 Orlando, Fl 32810 407-475-1675 Room 212 has or had bed bugs as of 11-17-2015. After at least 3 hrs it took to change rooms in the late evening. and then having to get up early in the morning, and having a difficult time sleeping manager only offered to reimburse us 15 % of bill. Have pictures of bites and bugs.

    3. My card send me a block message on monday it keep saying it not activated. But iy is i have been using this card for 5 months and now my money on here and i cant even buy my kids food and pay bills

  2. I been a customer for 8 yrs..they sent me a message saying I had a deposit I haven't seen that deposit yet. I have done everything they ask...a family member has passed and we can't get home bc that has not gotten my acct yet. I called and they are holding it saying the corporate office will release it.. well please release my so I can put my family member to rest..

  3. Rush card blocked my card due to inactivity so they say. I had a direct deposit on Sept 28th, used the card, then received another direct deposit on 10/11/17 now the card is blocked. I don't understand how if the card was reissued in Aug however there was a deposit on the card I had in my possession how it could be blocked for inactivity when clearly it was active. They claim they haven't received the fax they told me to send on 10/12/17 or the fax I sent on 10/13/17. The supervisor Mark said I would get my fee waived to be expidited now they are saying they can't waive the fee. I have to pay $30 for something that they did. I keep getting the run around. I have been a customer with them since 2008. This card is bullshit and RUSSELL SIMMONS should be ashamed of himself for screwing people out of their hard earned money. Our kids are going hungry, bills can't be paid, etc. Meanwhile they eating good and paying their bills. Smh. I AM A VERY UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER.

  4. Been card member since 2012 they are trying to steal my ss benefits

  5. Bad card company and unprofessional supervisors


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