Orange Theory Fitness Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Orange Theory Fitness Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Ultimate Fitness Group, LLC
1815 Cordova Road, Suite 206
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
Email: Corporate Phone Number: 1-954-530-6903
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-954-530-6903
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  1. Placed an order online at 11:32am and quoted delivery time was 12:12pm. Received order at 1:10pm. An hour and 40 minutes after I ordered it. Store 1080. Our company does a lot of business with this location as they are a 1/4 mile from our office. I am hesitant to order from Marco's ever again.

  2. Your commercial with the chase chair is very annoying and the gagging one is bad also. I turn it off and it does not make me want to visit your stores.

  3. your customer service is the worst I've ever dealt with, don't bother calling them for any help because you'll get none. don't back up their products because they'll simply tell you "corporate doesn't speak to 'you people". along with sprint they just kept passing their issues off on one another and were stuck with a 700 dollar phone. 4 month old phone that is basically useless. they wanted us to send in our phone and offered no loaner, so be without service that were paying for for 7 business days+ ridiculous. with no guarantee that my phone would be repaired even after sending it in. don't bother talking to representatives Mitch or Fred, you'll get nowhere. they'll just talk down to you and be racist.

  4. I have a real problem with an employee located at the Circle K on Higley and Williamsfield Roads. Yesterday about 4 pm, she was very rude and disrespectful to my son and other teenagers in the store who actually PURCHASED items. I do not like, nor appreciate how she addressed my son. I sure hope the behavior exhibited yesterday is not indicative of the training employees are receiving in other stores.

  5. I live in San Fernando, CA. In the parking lot used for this establishment there a is giant political sign with Antonio Lopez name on it. This person is running for a city council position in our city which is causing a heated and ugly political battle in our city. I did not realize that a corporations such as your's got involved in politics. This sign is located at the entrance of the parking lot (on Maclay Street) of your establishment. I belong to a grassroots organization Residents for a Better San Fernando which has hundred of residents behind us. If needed, my organization will picket your establishment for taking a political side. It was initially hanging on the Chipotle and was removed. Your neighbors Wing Stop have another political sign hanging from their building for another candidate Jessie Avila. The Residents for a Better San Fernando do not support these candidates. We urge you to have these signs removed. If needed we will picket your establishment.

  6. To whom it may concern:

    I am a chiropractor and began referring patients to one of your locations. My patient called ahead, was accepted into the 8pm class, filled out the proper paperwork and waited patiently for my arrival. When I got there, my patient was no where to be seen. I called him and he said that he was there, waited, and was turned away by one of the trainers because "they already had another new client and didn't have time to teach my patient the proper steps and protocol." You can understand how upset I am and how upset my patient is. I'm not sure how to fix this situation, but I did want you to know that I am upset with how this business is run in the sense that even when people do everything right, this kind of thing happens.

    Thank you.

  7. I filled out the form to freeze my account due to a shoulder injury and then I filled out the cancellation form for the next month. Orange Theory still deducted the fee out of my account for both months and is now refusing to refund my money. The manager say's she kind find the paperwork. What a very dishonest company.

  8. Please inform ALL locations regarding new clients that you MUST be exactly on time or you will be canceled.I arrived 5 minutes late (I was told to be there at 9 for a 9:30 class , I arrived at 9:05)and had to be rescheduled. I asked if I could go ahead and fill out my paperwork for next time and wasn’t allowed to do that either . Both of our time was wasted over 5 minutes .


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