Dairyland Insurance Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Dairyland Insurance Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Dairyland Insurance Company (Dairyland Auto)
1800 North Point Drive
Stevens Point, WI 54481
Email: [email protected]

Phone Numbers
Corporate Phone Number: 1-715-346-6000
Fax Number: 1-715-346-6405
Customer Service Number: 1-800-334-0090
Claims: 1-800-334-0090
Payments: 1-800-334-0090
Fraud: 1-877-736-8798
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  1. Extremely disappointed customer service is horrible. Zero business integrity. Does not honor price's posted on your own site. And tells their customers it's their fault.

  2. I have been trying to get a code to unlock my phone for several days now. The idiot that I spoke with on Tueday never put in a request, but did provide me with an "illegal" website that wanted to charge me $20 to get the code, and it doesn't even work. I called back today and the bitch never put in a request so I am on hold for another three days. I purchased this phone - because if I didn't I was going to lose service - and I own it outright. Now there is some bogus rule that says you can't get a code until I have owned the phone for 90 days. What bullshit! I am now going to the newspapers and the BBB because this is definitely illegal. And I have the names and employee ID's of all persons that I spoke with.

  3. I was told not to return to the restaurant do to my multi handicapped children every time we can in there its an inconvenience and my children are a disgrace that really hurt my feelings all restaurant was staring at me and my children

    1. What about the other customers whose experience was ruined?

  4. I witnessed an unspeakable act tonight at the Marysville Ohio Applebees the manager told a woman that her multi handicapped children that she has are disgrace and her children were a disruption and that she was not to return to the restaurant he was yelling at her and everyone in the restaurant was staring at her I could see the discomfort in her eyes I do not see how a manager could treat people this way. I will never visit the Marysville Ohio Applebee's again.

  5. I made reservations online at the Baymont Inn in Brooks, Kentucky for three nights. After I made the reservations I was then informed that the pool, breakfast area and business area was closed due to repairs. This information should have been available on the web site before making the reservations. I immediately canceled the reservations and made other arrangements nearby. I stayed at this same hotel about a month ago and upon checking in was told that the pool had been closed for a few days for repairs and would not be fixed during our stay. Since this is the second time that I have had this problem I will no longer stay at this Baymont Inn.

  6. I didnt know that it was okay for a manager to making out with one of her employees?!!

  7. I was at Sheraton hotel in mar khan Ontario on December 19 and 20 I forgot My gold chain on the night table I call back the next day and they told nothing was found and that is it not investigation or nothing now my chain is gone I know somebody took it but My wonder is what type hotel is this that you forget something and there not honest to give it back I will never return to Sheraton hotel

  8. Since Walmart has decided to keep funding NAN (aka Al Sharpton) I will finally boycott Walmart. I realize in recent yrs many have become annoyed with Walmart business practices.. yet I have sided with the business... and continued shopping and supporting Walmart. Hell, Walmart is not a career job unless one is going for management as far as I am concerned.

    However, Sharpton?? A vile little man filled with hate? NO, I draw the line at this. NO MORE WALMART FOR ME... Sharpton is a racist and hate monger... and he surely isn't no real "reverend".


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