Twin Peaks Restaurant Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Twin Peaks Restaurant Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
4803 Broadway Road
Addison, TX 75001
Email: [email protected]
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-941-3150
Fax Number: 1-972-385-8700
Customer Service Number: 1-972-941-3150
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  1. How fair is that to the other Twin peaks girls for you to pick the same girl twice to win the Twin Peaks bikini contest in Addison? The same girl won last year for the 2014 contest and this year for 2015 @Twin Peaks Addison. To TP Management, your manifest arrogance is insanely profound!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The managers at Twin Peaks restaurants on Gateway Blvd and Sunland Park El Paso, Texas are allowing two individuals to bring the girls candy bars and other gifts such as perfumes. The problem is the touching and hugging going on. The girls are being disrespected and so are the other customers. One of the individuals always sits on the same spot at the bar and expects the girls and the managers to stop taking care of other customers to give him full attention like if he owns the restaurant. This is not professional. Please put a stop to this immediately. It was brought to your managers attention numerous times, but they are still overlooking and encouraging this behavior.

  3. So let me start off by saying I believe I am qualified to make this complaint. I have been in the bar/restaurant/management for over 25 years. Let me start off by stating that at the Twin Peaks Westover Hills location in San Antonio, Texas they have the same problem as the complaint above. There is a customer named Bill that is an elderly man that apparently is the "sugar daddy" for about five of your wait staff. Now for my other complaints. Being in management for the past 15 years myself and seeing one of your managers berated and screaming at my waitress in front of not only me but every customer in there was not only arrogant but very unprofessional. My waitress named Alyssa did a wonderful job and she had one man (we all know the type) come in with the mindset that he was going to get something free. So he complained about our waitress. I saw the whole ordeal unfold and she was very attentive. When he complained to Eddie the manager she was very apologetic and Eddie stood there and yelled at this poor girl for over 10 minutes. Yes I timed it. It was very uncomfortable for myself and every other guest in that place. I almost approached her and asked her if she wanted to come work for me but she was so upset (and she had every right to be). So my next experience in this fine establishment wasn't any better. Some of my underage employees and myself went in to grab some dinner. We were sitting at a table on the patio. There were two managers on duty that night but I must say only Frank was working. The other manager McKayla was standing outside on the patio with a table of 10 men and two of the waitresses (one of which was ours) for the entire time that we were there. I did not see her go inside one time. Our waitress Sabrina come up and asked if we wanted beers (dirty blonde, naughty brunette). Two of my underage employees thought that they would be funny and ordered beers. Sabrina took their order and started to walk off. I called her back and told her they were underage and ordered them a coke and tea. Now we come back to McKayla. My husband and I were meeting up with a few of our friends for an early dinner. We walked in and lo and behold McKayla was standing at the front hostess stand with about five of the waitresses looking at her phone picking out clothes for her to order online. What kind of manager does that? At least look like your working and if you must do that on company time then at least go back to the back office. I would have fired both Eddie and McKayla a very long time ago if they worked for me. The other management, blonde girl, hispanic younger male and the general manager I believe his name is Edwin are great. I always see them doing a good job. Kuddos to them I am sure they don't appreciate having to take up the slack for the two deadbeats though.

  4. Hi, I am a server at your Twin Peaks location in Wheeling. We have a serious problem with the management here and it needs to be addressed. We have a hostess that does not do her job: she has never had the full company uniform intact, she will sit on her phone and not greet customers, hangs up on customers from the company phone, she will sometimes even not seat them as she is still on her phone, and she will do this whether she is hosting with someone else or not. Servers will have to seat people when we walk by and see they are not being helped. We, servers, and hosts, have complained several times to management at our restaurant and they do nothing.
    Further, the management holds the intimidation factor firmly in a way that its bark is worse than its bite. For example, there have been several occasions, specifically on busy game days like Sunday lunches, where 6, or 7 girls out of 10 will not show up to a shift, no-call, and nothing will be done: no form of punishment in terms of loss of daily ranking points or even termination.
    I didn't think this was as big of a problem as to going forth with emailing corporate. I believe this is affecting our monthly profit. Girls are failing their Secret Shops by not performing all of their Steps of Service. Customers have told me they notice how little the hostesses or other servers are working or paying attention to their tables.
    I'm tired of working extra hard to make up for some of our incompetent servers, and they aren't even being disciplined.
    I enjoy working for this company but I don't want to feel like my job is on the line because our location is not doing well financially.

  5. The Twin Peaks manager David at the location on Lomitas in Houston, Texas is a joke. I have frequented here with my fiancé and was mostly satisfied with their service until we went on UFC 196. I had been here before on a fight night and know how it works. Since, I wasn't able to make it there until 8pm, I was aware I might not get a table. And I was fine with that but, still got on the wait list in case they did get to my name before all fights were over. I had to fight to get drinks myself from the bar while we waited and stood watching the fights. This too I expected since I had not been able to arrive earlier. What I did not expect was to watch a gentleman walk an hour after me, sit down at a table that had just been cleaned for another waiting couple and actually get served. The waitress that had already told another couple they had to get up because others were waiting before them went and told him he had to let the individuals waiting before him have the table. The gentleman argued with her so she went and got the manager, David. He went to tell the gentleman whom also argued with David. David went and got the gentleman and menu and served him in front of all his customers whom had been waiting. I was completely appalled. What a push over for a manager. I brought it to David's attention what he was doing and all he could say was the gentleman claimed he had been there. I had been standing in the same spot for over an hour. Even his hostess was upset with him for letting the man cut in front of all of us. I really can't believe corporate would actually put such a weak individual in that position.

  6. To whom it may concern,

    I am a 25 year old female. I have gone through my fair share of difficult times. When I had no place else to turn to for employment, a little over a year ago, I turned to Twin Peaks. I was hired on the spot! It was my first serving job, and I was so excited. It turned out to be very different than what I expected. Since I had started in a location that had just opened, I figured some kinks needed to be worked out in due time. With some bumps in the road my first few months, I was promoted to trainer, and then bartender, as well as a bar trainer.

    The location I was at made me MISERABLE. Poor management, and long story short, to get to my main point, I quit the company all together. Out of desperation for a job after a month of unemployment (I'd have rather been unemployed and looking for a job than to work at that place again), I relocated to a different location. The change was Amazing! Like a whole new company! The girls and managers got along. Everyone seemed happy. I LOVED going into work. I LOVED picking up shifts and staying til close. I loved my job. My girls helped me through a breakup, celebrated with me when I began to date again, and seriously felt like family.

    Here is where we cue in the negative.

    I am ABSOLUTELY APPALLED by these ridiculous rule changes and dress code. Do you really honestly think that by focusing on petty, miniscule details of a servers outer appearance, and if one thing is out of line, the server is sent home, leaving the store short staffed, that it will actually HELP service?? What logic is that!! How about improving training processes? As a trainer, I see more about looks (even when the new goal is to eliminate the stress on looks) than actual training!! My store included a pretty girl who failed her mock THREE TIMES and still got hired because she's pretty. You think that's caring about service??

    Training modules are a joke! The new rules are a joke! How about focusing more on encouraging guests to give GOOD REVIEW, instead of yelling at my managers on a consistent basis every time a negative one is spoken. When's the last time you wrote a positive review on your own time for good service? Not as often as you do for poor service, I'm assuming. Point being: OF COURSE WE GET BAD REVIEWS. PEOPLE ONLY WANT TO WRITE BAD REVIEWS. Why else would I write this to you???

    Some of my girls are so hard working, and they get sent home now for nails being a little too long?? Do you understand how RIDICULOUS that sounds! No gems on our boring name tags. No gems on belts. No winged eyeliner for crying out loud!! You know how uncomfortable my boss is, scrutinizing all these crazy things with us?

    Want more guests? Quit things like FORCING the staff into this sheep like, plain, boring style. Quit calling beers man and girl size (which I've heard from MALE CLIENTELE how sexist and stupid that sounds). Start treating your establishment like less of a prison. Stop focusing SO MUCH on looks! Who cares if a great and attentive server wears eyeliner?? So what if a star bartender wants to wear colorful socks?


    Working beyond this conversation, I have an absolutely incredible idea to bring in more clients, more buisiness, and it won't cost you millions of dollars in stupid changes. I'd be happy to share it with you.

    Please stop this crazy power trip you have with the girls and staff. We are human and are not beneath you. Understand how important your staff is and without them, the buisiness cannot succeed.

    Thank you

  7. Mr.Terry Don AndersonJune 2, 2016 at 1:03 AM

    I applied to work at the new Twin Peak in Beaumont,Texas and was hired before grand opening.

    I quit my job at I Hop to work there,recieving my last check and the same day purchasing a back tie,black pants,black shoes and white collar shirt.I was very happy and excited.
    I had never herd of the restaraunt before but i was confident it was gonna be my best job and best choice i made.

    Being a have a record I felt good they excepted me and trusted me to be a part of the grand opening.

    The orientation was a wounderful atmosphere.All eyes were on the guy in the black tie.The girls were pretty and everyone was nice.A manager Austin,even shouted out to me,"Best dressed guy".I felt good.

    I felt good cause i was part of something new in the city im from and it was like i had a fresh start,which i guess was true.

    Everything was good from orientation all the way to a few days after grand opening.I was working hard and already was looked at as the best busser by my coworkers.

    Second day after grand opening,i was working putting mugs in a mug holder in the dish room,while talking to a co worker,when a trainer from another Twin Peaks told me to be quiet and work.Not that i was loud but that i needed to just shut up and be quiet.
    I told her that i didnt have to be quiet that i could talk to my co worker and work at the same time.Aparently she didnt like that.

    Later that night i found 20 dollars and gave it to a manager Brandy.Right away a manager Eric,comes from the back out the "Camera Room",and askes her did i find money and she said yes a 20,then he just said oh and walked away.

    It took a while before i noticed he asked her that before anyone had time to tell him I found it.Thats how i knew he tried to set me up to see if i would keep it.I was sad because he would do that when i gave him no reason to believe i was a theif.

    The next day as soon as i came in,Eric sat me down with Brandy and said their were too many complaints from bussers,barbacks,and trainers about me and Twin Peaks had to part ways.I was so shocked and speechless,all i could do was get up and leave.

    Stopping in the dish room to take my shirt and hat off to drop in the bag,workers from everywhere asked me what happened and i told them.Their reply was i was the best worker and were shocked also.

    The moral of the story is that i was aparently or possibly crossed out by a mad trainer with senority over me and favor with the managers cause of her time she had with them.

    I was never confronted about anything, nor ever written up but Eric, claimed,their were so many complaints to fire me.

    I've never filed a lawsuit in my life but im ready because stand for something and by law this is a wrongful termination.

    I love Twin Peaks and what its foundation is based on and dont look at those as a current reflection of its base and woukd like my job back rather than file this lawsuit but first i would like you all response
    from higher up and maybe yall can help fix this.Please reply soon and help me see something im missing if possible.


  8. I enjoy watching Undercover Boss because of the compassion owners display when staff exceed expectations. However, I was taken back when I watched the episode featuring Mr. Dewitt. I have never visited the Twin Peaks restaurant and never will because of the business model and exploitation of women. But Mr. Dewitt where do you get off addressing someone's vulgar language when you require women to bare their breast for your benefit. I can imagine your clientele is comprised of the lowest of low men anyway, these women should be able to speak their language.

  9. There is a very serious problem going on at the Mesquite location in Texas. The Manger there now has all the girls there on a fat list in a sense. They are to work out and stay fit. Which is rather sad. I have a friend that works there and has the perfect body and I offered her some food the other day and she refused cause she didn't want to gain weight in fear she would lose her job. Y'all really need to have a word with them before there a lot of girls there with eating disorders.

  10. At the location in Corpus Christi, the management sleeps with the girls. They do drug deals in the store and there is no kind of management there. Roland uses profane vulgar talk to the girls and is not professional at all. This Twin Peaks is terrible and should be closed down. It's a drug dealer spot that everyone is in on.

  11. my family and I went to Park North twin peaks yesterday. Let me start by saying I was so disgusted by the way the girls were dressed they had garters on wearing thong underwear showing bare butts, it wouldn't be so bad if this was just a bar but its a bar and grill I take my children with me all the time BUT yesterday I walked in my daughter asked why that girl wasn't wearing anything showing her butt I was lost for words ALL the girls were dressed like they were working as waitress for Sugars but this is a bar and grill. We left went to westover hills twins much much better the girls were dressed very cute not showing any bare butts they were wearing little skirts and cute bra tops, they all looked very cute and not trashy. Very disappointed with management thinking its okay for the girls at park north to dress that way. I will no longer return to this location, Westover Hills will be our new location I talk to the waitress and she stated that their GM is very by the book and would never let any of the girls dress that way.

  12. The corporate office needs to look into the Instagram account for The Twin Peaks Colorado Mills location in Lakewood, Colorado. Fine they have to wear next to nothing. But why do they have to wear their underwear. I have been in that place and those women touch each other inappropriately, do you want a waitress who has touched another woman's butt, and fondled her g-string to bring you your food or beverage. She did not wash her hands first. Disgusting. Someone in charge needs to keep track of this location.


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