Houchens Industries Corporate Office Headquarters


Houchens Industries Corporate Office Headquarters
Stock Symbol: Private Company
700 Church St.
Bowling Green, KY 42102
Corporate Phone Number: 1-270-843-3252
Fax Number: 1-270-780-2877
Customer Service Number: 1-270-843-3252

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  1. Your manager at store 802 manager's name stacy is a very obnoxious and very disrespectful two customers she has lost you more business then watching this get at this store she doesn't know how to conduct herself with customers never on time for work an hour late everyday has no care for the employees under her and as a manager she doesn't know her entire store like a manager should this woman should be investigated

  2. As a former employee and manager, who made exceptional growth in a department that was said within the cooperation to never be fixable, I am totally disappointed with decisions made on my account. HR handcuffed a district manager, so he says, to demote me for one incident that occurred while working seven days a week for 60+ hours with less than minimum help from management. Never had a write up before. I have little respect for this district manager who states himself that he’s an introvert. How can an introvert that doesn’t speak to people working for your company, be able to manage so many workers? That’s not a legitimate reason to walk past me and many other fine employees, whom like myself, are appalled by the arrogance and lack of appreciation towards us. This happened for months and a dozen of occasions. Finally, I introduced myself to him. Getting disciplined by someone who displays such obvious communication failure is difficult for myself. I was forced to leave the company by a man who has made me uncomfortable for the past year.


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