Holiday Companies Corporate Office Headquarters


Holiday Companies Corporate Office Headquarters
Stock Symbol: Private Company
4567 American Boulevard West
Bloomington, MN 55437
Corporate Phone Number: 1-952-830-8700
Fax Number: 1-952-830-8864
Customer Service Number: 1-952-830-8700

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  1. I was in your Detroit Lakes MN Super Store paying or gas at 4:30 PM and there was 5 people standing waiting to pay not wearing face coverings. I spoke to the manager and she acted as if she did not care. Minnesota has a nose and mouth covering mandate. Something should be done about this!!!!! IT IS MN STATE LAW!!!!!
    I need a reply on what is being done about this situation

  2. Why isn't our US flag flying at this Holiday station on 36th & Cedar in Mpls?!

  3. Hastings MN Holidays sells tainted cigarettes to select customers. They get them from gang bangers. You might want to investigate it.

  4. What is going on at the wakefield Michigan store. All they do is stand around and look at there phones. No food out. Loved the store. I guess krist will be getting my business.
    Concerned minnesotan

  5. What happened to the coffee to go lids? They all are cracked and they do not come out of the lid dispenser like they used to. The new dispensers are garbage and the cheap lids are terrible. They do not stay on the cups and I now have coffee all over my Lincoln Navigator. I am not happy. This was at the Wausau store by Jerry's County Market. Please fix this and go back to better lids and dispensers or I will go to Kwik Trip from now on.


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