Brookshire Grocery Corporate Office Headquarters

Brookshire Grocery Corporate Office Headquarters
Stock Symbol: Private Company
1600 W. South West Loop 323
Tyler, TX 75701
Corporate Phone Number: 1-903-534-3000
Fax Number: 1-903-534-2206
Customer Service Number: 1-903-534-3000

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  1. It is my understanding that Brookshire's is a Christian based organization. Its why I'm bothering to write this letter. I am a Christian and my loyalty to Brookshire's is for that reason. There are cheaper places to shop. I've bought groceries and fuel at your Anna location since it showed up in our town and each time I did I used a debit card or a check. Since our government has require the banks to include the mark of the beast rfid chip on debit cards I have refused to use a card of any kind. Its just a large version of the injectable ones the governments around the globe are currently stockpiling for use in the near future. Now I am being singled out for writing too many checks. Not only is it embarrassing to be informed of this in a line of people it is forcing others into satan's compliance. If you cant write a check because you've written too many this week its just easier to submit and use the chip card. Once the human race gets used to using the card they will be less apt to refuse the injected chip. If you truly are a Christian based company then you are also submitting by your policy of limiting checks. I have never written you a bad check.

  2. This company is not Christina based. They are cowards that care nothing at all about their customers. They hide behind websites and say they will contact you then don't. Truly the sorriest bunch ofpeople I've ever dealt with. Read reviews and statements from others.a lot if unhappy customers and they could care less. There's always smoother customer walking in right brookshires ? You sorry jackasses. Just remember Jesus is watching. Oh but you probably don't care because there's nothing Christian about this sorry group of assholes


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