Ladybird Academy Corporate Office Headquarters

Ladybird Academy Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 14840 Wyndham Lakes Blvd
Orlando, FL 32824
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-407-852-9696
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-407-852-9696

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  1. I gave up a great job to become the Director of Ladybird Academy Wekiva Springs after four days of training with Angela and a visit from Verna Gange Joel decided I was not right for the job. Now there is an opening for a director in Sanford so I applied. The Corp office called me immediately but I am honest so I shared my 4 day experience I was told I would receive a call back and that was a week ago.

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  3. Tracy who is new to corporate but has the final decision, or semi final decision in the hiring process is a racist. She called me on for an in at the last minute. I accept. I dressed business casual. Let me explain! (Black polyester blazer, red cami, blue jeans, and black closed toed dressed shoes. She obviously thought I was qualified for the position, due to the fact that she called me. Now I walked in the bldg. Introduced myself and was given an application to feel out. She let me fill out the application in its entirety, then told me, when I'm ready for an interview to call and reschedule. She explained that when I'm not wearing jeans to give them a call. I told her I was dressed appropriate for the interview, and to spread my application. She stated, she already have. Her not interviewing me had absolutely nothing to do with my jeans, but every thing to do with my color!
    This was tues Jan 3, 2017
    So fast forward to yesyerday. I got a call grom guess who? Yep, ladybird again. Only this time it was windermere location where a black lady wemy from being Director for all of 6 months down to asst Director. Again, i was called in for an interview. Being the honest person i am, i explained how the other ladybird interview didnt I thought the wintergarden ladybird was still franchised, but i was told today that corporate took it over a month ago, and thats how i found out that tracy who blatantly disrespected was the person they recently hited at corporate.putting a disgrace of a person like her in a high position they will never amount to their full potential.and I actually spoked highly of ladybird. Not anymore. I will never again recommend anyone to take their kids there, and definitely not to work there

    1. Called me in for an interview. (Auto correct for above post)

    2. I told her to shred my application. Gesh


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