Kyocera Corporate Office Headquarters

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Kyocera Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 6 Takeda Tobadono-Cho, Fushimi-Ku
Kyoto-Shi, KYT 612-8501
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 81-75-6043500
Fax Number: 81-75-6043501
Customer Service Number: 81-75-6043500

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  1. I own a Napa auto parts store and made the mistake of leasing a Kyocera color printer/fax/scanner, it has been a nightmare, problem is not the equipment but the dealer, they are the worst company, UNITED BUSINESS COMPANY (413 3229965)I have ever dealt with, I am constantly out of ink as they never have enough in stock so I have to wait for shipments through UPS, I HAVE ASKED TO HAVE A BACK UP SET OF CARTRIDGES, WAS TOLD THAT I AM NOT A BIG ENOUGH CUSTOMER, so I have to constantly put my work on hold. I have had to write to them at least 4 times with problems. (I have copies)
    Last month I was not able to use my equipment for about 2 weeks because it needed a drum, I was told that they are too expensive ( I also have been told by a computer programmer that all drums should be replaced at least every 6 months) I asked if there was anything they could with my bill as I had to pay for the month leasing fee and not able to use, I was told by the owner Kenny that I should go through my insurance.
    It is a shame because of such a bad company it makes Kyocera look really bad. I could NEVER recommend to ALL other Napa Auto parts store owners to use this company. SAD.


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