Kwik Trip Corporate Office Headquarters

Kwik Trip Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 1626 Oak St.
La Crosse, WI 54602-2107
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-608-781-8988
Fax Number: 1-608-781-8950
Customer Service Number: 1-608-781-8988

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  1. I am retired and haven't worked for some time but I have managed a bodyshop for over 20 years and then I managed Auto Part stores. I have visited a number of your stores and have a problem with being nosey. While talking to a number of empoyees both managers and workers I find that the feeling among them is "Fear of loosing their job if they express themselves as to some of the problems they are experiencing. Now I know there are cry babies as you might know but when employees of mine had a problem I wanted to hear about it first hand so I could solve the problem instead of it festering. The people I talked to said that the company doesn't care as long as they are making money and if that's the case then Kwik Trip has a lot of misleading information on it's website because it say's they care about their employees. I know of people who have quit because of problems their managers can't solve because if the manager tries to do anything they are "shunned" and things are made difficult for them by their district managers ,who have their favorites, and if you aren't a favorite you can just about guess what kind of help these people will get. It's almost like being in Washington D C where everyone is only looking out for themselves and if your not in bed with the right people you don't get anything done efficiently. A work place can be what ever you make it, but when outside people or dist managers for that matter don't listen to their workers and are only in it to make themselves look good there's a problem. I can only guess but I believe Kwik Trip will have a large employee turnover until someone sit's down and talks to the ,what you might call "THE LITTLE PEOPLE" instead of the people who are telling the BIG BOYS only what they want them to hear so maybe they don't loose their jobs. I like Kwik Trips but when I hear of some issues the little guy, including the store managers have trying to get things taken care of I get less and less impressed by the image kwik trip is trying to portray. I hope someone with some authority reads this as things can get fixed if you talk to the right people. Customer service is getting to be a thing of the past, I see a lot of Kwik Trip people trying to do their best but their hands are tied and they are getting tired, it's only a matter of time. Good people are hard to find and one should try and hang onto the ones one has. It can be fixed but one might have to "Clean out the swamp" as they say. Thank You and I will keep watching just to see if anything I hear has changed. I am just a little guy too but I can see it could be so much better as far as working environment than what it is.

  2. In light of the may people with diabetes would it be possible to get more than one flavor of the sugar free cappuccino coffees please ?

  3. In light of the may people with diabetes would it be possible to get more than one flavor of the sugar free cappuccino coffees please ?

  4. This is ilir aliu me and my wife own a small business in oshkosh wi on time trucking llc. We are having problems with one of your employees her name is MEGAN KIELBAS we get diesel there but every day my husband is there she will not leave him alone shes stocking him in store and out and were about to file a lawsuit against the store and today I will file a restraining order on her if you don't want this to go any further than it has please take car of this employee thank you this is my number..920 509 2354

  5. This is not a complaint so let me just start from there. My name is Sam and I live right next to a Kwik Trip in Madison. I was wanting to reach out my services to you. I do power washing and I have noticed that some Kwik Trips are pretty nasty. I come from managing restaurants and know what it is like to have to take care of the parking lot and power wash. Finding time and employees to do that, plus maintain the store. I don't know what Kwik Trip's standards are but mine are always making a great impression on the customers that come in. I am reaching out to see if you would be interested in a power washer that would help how ever many stores that need the help in cleaning the parking lot and side walks. Thank you for your time.


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