Kuhn's Market Corporate Office Headquarters

Kuhn's Market Foods Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 537 Rochester Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-412-364-3399
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-412-364-4118

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  1. I have a complaint about the cashiers at the highwood store. they're mean and nasty. especially lois. except cindy. she's a good cashier. she's nice too. but the other ones I want fired

  2. I have a complaint about the cashiers at the Highwood store. I was going to check out, there was no one in line. The cashier was leaning on the counter on her phone. When I got to the register she gave me this NASTY look, as if I was not suppose to be there. She didn't greet me, she didn't tell me my total, she had her back turned the whole time. Then she picked up her phone and was using it, and didn't even turn around to give me my receipt!! She wad to busy on her phone!! Her name was Sidney. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!! I don't even want to shop there anymore!!

  3. My complaint is with the store located on Beaver Grade Rd, Moon Twp. Today, I decided to get some "real" food at a reasonable price for lunch rather than go to a fast food place. I waited by the hot foods for someone to come from the back and wait on me. After 5 minutes someone came from the back but left without any acknowledgment. Still no one appeared at the hot foods nor the deli area so I decided to select a prepared salad nearby. No dressing packets in site! I placed it back in the cooler just as an employee finally appeared. He never even asked if I needed anything and I was 3 feet away. Would it be too much trouble to ask the employees if they have duties "in the back" that they keep an eye out to see if they have customers who might actually want to buy these prepared items?

  4. my complaint is with the Moon Township store. I shop at this location either before or after work at least 3/4 times per week. I do not know what your policy is regarding name tags, cell phones, and general customer service but this store is seriously lacking. One cashier who does not wear a name tag EVER was away from her register chatting up a young man behind the service desk. I looked over at them hoping they would make eye contact with me but they didn't seem in a particular hurry. NO, SHE WAS NOT GETTING ANYTHING LIKE A CASH DRAWER, OR CIGARETTES FROM OVER THERE. Finally, the young man said something and she looked over at me ROLLED HER EYES and sashayed over to her register. Why is this okay. This same girl never says thank you after the transaction. Additionally, there seems to be a disturbing trend towards dismissiveness and lack of good representation for the company. ON SO MANY OCCASIONS, you here 2 employees complaining about the store while making no eye contact with the customer. These complaints continue back and forth the entire time right up until I am handed my receipt. This seems to be the norm amongst your younger employees. On a positive note, after being ignored at the deli when I got in line to purchase one item, Cashier#136 was appropriate and courteous. I didn't feel like I was interrupting her personal time. Good Job #136

  5. the management at the Moon Township location needs to step it up. This store will be experiencing some competition soon with the Walmart being built right up the road. I don't want to shop at Walmart, so Manager if you care about your store GET IT TOGETHER. On a positive note, I am pleased that Kuhn's doesn't require a little plastic thingy (like GIANT EAGLE) just to purchase sale items at a lower price.

  6. customer with small dog on leash in store today, HOW DIRTY IS THAT IN FOOD STORE


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