Kraft Foods Canada Corporate Office Headquarters

Kraft Foods Canada Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: P.O. Box/C.P. 1200
Don Mills, Ontario, M3C 3J5
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-888-572-3806
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-888-572-3806

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  1. I have bought Cracker Barrel cheese for decades in the block form 900gm. Now it is in a flat rectangular form 620gm? for the same price. I do not like the way the new form slices and am really not happy how you pay the same and get less. I would like an answer and will be looking for a suitable replacement brand after 45 yrs. of purchasing Kraft Cracker Barrel An unhappy customer.

  2. TO: Del Monte Corporation 1 Maritime Plz San Francisco, CA 94111 Contact Del Monte Corporation
    Phone Number: (415) 247-3000 Fax Number: (415) 247-3228
    Website: Email: Email Del Monte Corporation

    CC: Kraft Foods Canada Corporate Office Headquarters
    Address: P.O. Box/C.P. 1200
    Don Mills, Ontario, M3C 3J5

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    My particulars are: Larry J MacLeod ~ 4212 Carver Place, Ottawa ON K1J 1B5
    E-mail : [email protected] Landline: 613-749-1333 Cellphone: 613-864-1314

    As I start this letter it is 2:45pm on 13 Nov 2017.

    At ~ 2:42 pm on 13 Nov 2017 I called 1-888-572-3806 Kraft Canada Customer service(# also found on side of del monte cream corn) from my Cellphone 613-864-1314 to inform them that I was being held hostage on my home Landline(LL) 613-749-1333 with a call I made to Del Monte’s line 1-800-461-0094 which commenced at 2:02 pm.

    I am currently approaching 1 whole hour that I have sat waiting patiently for Del Monte’s representative to become available on my landline(LL).

    I think that if anyone’s response time that exceeds 20 minutes they should have a work around plan to resolve the issue of poor customer service ... If that wait time exceeds 1 hour as it currently has: then the managerial skills should be called into question and an observation initiated as to why the managerial skills of Del Monte Executives are so abominably and irresponsibly atrocious!

    The call I made at 2:42 pm this day(CELL), offered me the option of leaving my name and cellphone number so that Kraft’s very busy representatives would call me back in the order of which my cellphone call had been received at Kraft Canada office.

    I wonder which representative will respond first, the one on my landline(Del Monte) which started at 2:02 pm or the one on my cell phone for the call I made at 2:42pmto Kraft Canada. The current corresponding wait times at 3:20 pm being:
    Landline: One hour and 18 minutes or Cell phone: 38 minutes!

    I will of course end this letter when the representatives respond.

    My current concern is; will Del Monte’s very busy representatives return my landline call before my battery dies.
    It has now been 2 hours & 40 minutes I have been held on my landline, awaiting your very busy representative.
    Cell phone: 2 hours exactly!

    It is my expressed opinion that Managerial Skills of the Del Monte & Kraft Canada Executive Branches are quite apparently non-existent!

    It is now after 6:42 pm 4 hours and forty minutes since my call to 1-800-461-0094 and 4 hours since my call to
    1-888-572-3806 Kraft Canada Customer service. Giving UP in total frustration!
    Whatever happened to quality Customer Service ????????????
    Sincerely, Larry J. MacLeod

  3. Who was the bright lite who came up with current method of displaying the recipes on line. How do I get the ingredients to make the recipe. There's an old adage If it Ain't broke, don't fix it. The moron who came up with this system is a F'n idiot.
    Gordon Charland

  4. Having done business with Kraft I know how many levels of management there are. Each level doing its best not to make a decision they might be blamed for. Rewards based on whoever finds a way to increase margins by the smallest amount. Volume alone makes the numbers work. If you produce one jar and save a penny, you save a penny. If you make 10 million ?? If you make 10 million of a thousand different products even more.
    If someone at Kraft reads this and gives a hoot about anything but their butt please respond.
    I have reached the breaking point with your products being altered to save the penny rather than producing good product and satisfying customers like me for many years. I am now GONE from your clientele


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