Kittles Furniture Corporate Office Headquarters

Kittles Furniture Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 8600 E. Roberts Dr.
Fishers, IN 46038
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-317-841-2770
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-317-841-2770

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  1. We decided to up scale our last living room furniture purchase and decided to go to Kittle's. We are in our twilight years and wanted something that would look nice and endure. We now consider this to be a HUGE mistake! After only three months, this furniture looks ten years old. We've had issues that have still not been resolved but are being worked on (supposedly). We had better furniture from now defunct Sofa Express. Our daughter just purchased similar pieces from Value City, which, quality wise, would put ours to shame! Buyer's remorse... hell yes!!

    1. Your furniture has nothing to do with the store, it has to do with the quality of furniture that you bought. Every store has different brands at different price levels. You can't pay for a Ford Festiva and think you have a Ferrari.

  2. I am having a 6 month problem with Kittles, that like you is being worked on!!!!!!!! I will never step into a Kittles store again, customer service is a joke!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I too had an absolutely horrible customer service experience at Kittles. Sold me a rug that fell apart and they said that it was my fault. They admitted they should not have sold me the type of rug they did but still said it was all my fault. Lynn the manager and Eric the manager of the rug department are liars and provide horrible customer service. Don't ever shop at this store!


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