KFC Canada Corporate Office Headquarters

KFC Canada Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 106 9th Street West
Meadowlake, SK S9X 1Z4
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-306-236-3731
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-306-236-3731

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  1. good afternoon this comment is regarding a kfc store located on the Queensway and eastmall area Toronto Ontario when I first started going there I would always buy the 20 piece with fries for my family. in the last 4-5 months ive noticed after the first 10 or so pieces the chicken is the box were the size of a plum. couple weeks later went back and every time in the last 4-5 months they always tell me to wail 10 minutes so I take a seat and again when I go home all these small tiny pieces in the bottom. they cut the dark pieces of chicken in half to make more profit. week later went to another kfc and received 20 normal size pieces something should be done to this owner franchisee .. he is carefull who he does this to if you order buckets and regular he tells you 10 min wait for fresh but he cutd pieces in two cooks them and saves 5 pieces per box for profit. im very shure this is happening im spending almost fifty dollars per visit to get ripped off by this person. please deal with this issue or will stop completely buying from kfc thanks

  2. We were at the KFC 2nd Avenue location on May 11, 2020 at 5:25 p.m. this evening. Our order # 6570- we went and placed our order threw the drive-thru, it was ready in about 3 minutes- I had ordered a 14 piece chicken, with fries, gravy, 2 salads. I had also ordered 2 diet pop, and was so rudely told " our diet drink dispenser is not working properly" your choice is a 2 litre pop. I said "no thanks". On our way home we decided to stop and have some of the French fries and gravy, my husband made a comment, these fries are soggy and cold, and the gravy is lukewarm. The only thing that was good was the chicken. We have always supported the KFC business, but now that way we were treated I'm not going back. And if you keep the "rude" person working you will lose business. It was like he didn't care, we had our order now leave. Not a happy customer here and I spent $55.48. I had also ordered 1-3 piece meal with a pop as well. Hoping to hear something back from someone who at least cares.

  3. Last Night I phoned the KFC in Tsawwassen BC to find out if they delivered during Covid times...They replied No you need to come into the Mall. He they told me to down load the coupons on line, so when I went to pick up our Dinner and showed the girl the coupon, she tells me that those aren't good here. Thinking that the staff need to get better training.


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