Kaspersky Corporate Office Headquarters

Kaspersky Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 500 Unicorn Park, 3rd Floor
Woburn, MA 01801
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-781-503-1800
Fax Number: 1-781-503-1818
Customer Service Number: 1-781-503-1800

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  1. An absolute terrible company to buy from they sell at a low price on line then bill your credit card a higher amount after you were told many times the price would be the lower and then there is no way to get a hold of anybody to solve the problem. Fraud on line at its best.

  2. Down loaded the 30 day trial version of Kaspersky Anti virus program and couldn't get it out of the computer neither could 5 other representives. contacted 2 level security and was told 59.99 to remove it. Why I asked well you down loaded it. What a joke. Wont ever buy a Kaspersky product again.

  3. Started to have a problem connecting the 2016 Total Security deleted it and now can't reinstall it. Contacted Kaspersky several times since 3/8/17 its now 3/20/17 no luck. Filed BBB complaint.

  4. Technical support is terrible. The company confirmed for me that they ONLY route calls to Malaysia, and every time I call I get someone who barely speaks English. They also tend to hang up and end the calling thinking they've finished dealing with the issue when they haven't. I'm switching to an alternative. Kaspersky support is horrible.


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