Iron Hill Brewery Corporate Office Headquarters

Iron Hill Brewery Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 2502 West Sixth Street
Wilmington, Delaware 19805
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-302-472-2739
Fax Number: 1-302-472-2750
Customer Service Number: 1-302-472-2739

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  1. Writing about your Chestnut Hill/Philadelphia location. On Tuesday, 2/14/18, we attempted, repeated attempted to have lunch at this location. After 25 minutes, lunch arrived. One was cold. Sent back. Waited 30 more minutes, no lunch. Frustrated, we left! This is not service, this is customer abuse. No offer was made to rectify the situation other than to take the cost of the aborted lunch from the check. Really? Seems Customer Service Training is in need for this location for both wait staff and the Management. Thank you.

  2. I ordered lunch at the iron hill brewery in Media pa, I ordered the voodoo shrimp, I was charged ten dollars for four shrimp and a cup size portion of white rice which has spicey bar b que sauce on it the presentation was horrible it was very tasteless and there were swarms of knats in the restaurant so I left, I work for a very large corporation and I go to different places and I refer those places to my boss for events I will not be returning or recommending Iron hill brewery in Media to anyone.

  3. I got a giftcard for your restaurant, for my 50th Birthday . I went the second week of December. When we got there , I asked for a booth. Three hostesses were playing on their phones. One said we can’t seat just two people in a booth. The other one than said , go upstairs and see if there is one available up there. Needless to say my wife was livid. So went and just sat at the bar. So I contact your Delaware restaurant, and they said , they would contact me. Three times now , nothing. That’s sad , my first time there and had a bad experience.

  4. Was in the Phoenixville, Pa location tonite on 8/11/19. Some chef named Charlie was in the back getting heated because apparently he doesnt know how to cook a steak properly..and had tried 3 times to get it right as well. He then proceeded to call everyone in the kitchen dickheads along with the front of house staff on tonite also being called dickheads. Not something anyone wants to hear as they are trying to relax. If this is great service and hospitality, i will never be in your establishments ever again. This guy should be fired period. Not for me but for you and most importantly your loyal customers that i know you have in this location.


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