Immediadent Corporate Office Headquarters

Immediadent Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 8845 Boehning Lane
Indianapolis, IN 46219
Email: [email protected]
Corporate Phone Number: 1-317-899-1112
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-317-899-1112

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  1. Do you have FAX number?

  2. I have been a patient at the Anderson indiana office and I have NEVER BEEN TREATED so bad in my life!! Ive now missed 3 days of work and not been seen no return calls fro. Corporate I guess its OK to make people miss work have teeth that dont fit etc...they lied to me and said I had been terminated thru my insurance called I durance right in front of them to be told that was NOT TRUE!! WHAT A COMPANY

  3. Very frustrated with your new policy on canceling if there is no confirmation. I almost died in May. Been seeing various doctors & dealing with Insurance Companies. Not feeling the greatest so if I do not recognize a # I normally do not answer unless I am expecting a call from someone I know I do not have their # listed in my phone bank. Now I am being penalized by being made to wait when I have never been a no call no show. Absolutely unfair.

  4. My daughter had an appointment today at 11:20, (Tuesday Feb.20, 2018) at your Miller Lane Office, Dayton, Ohio in which they called her back for service at a decent time. After cleaning her teeth they told her to wait in the waiting room and they would call her back to fill a tooth, not giving an approximate time. She waited an hour then after a desk worker heard me say how much longer that this is ridiculous, told my daughter 5-10 min which went into about 20min. When my daughter asked how much longer after the 20min they said about an hour or re-schedule. The women at that front desk are the most unfriendly, uncaring people I have ever met. Normally one would apologize for the wait or ask one if they would want to reschedule before having a person wait sooooooo long. As we were leaving I had to let one of the women know how sick there office is & of course she threatened to call security. I left still calling her office SICK. Never will return there and I will let everyone I know how unprofessional that organization treat people. The only man I saw there was very friendly & is the only asset to that office. I'm sorry for this note but I believe that office is prejudice as I waited I did observe a lot. Bette

  5. I am going to file a huge lawsuit on Immediadent. The dentists caused me more pain than good. Here I am 1 month after an extraction and in worse pain. They have messed me up so bad. I gave them a second chance but they blew it. I'm just tired of being in pain.


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