iFix and Repair Corporate Office Headquarters

iFix and Repair Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 10300 Forest Hill Blvd #234
Wellington, FL 33414
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-561-907-8349
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-561-907-8349

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  1. I am having a problem with the Dothan Alabama store. Please contact me regarding this problem.

  2. I'm having problems with the dothan al store please contact me at 2292541380 asap thanks

  3. I have a complaint for the Dothan al store please contact me at 334-774-4324 asap thank you

  4. Hello New Management at Ifix and repair West Town Mall knoxville tn
    This is a copy of the original email i sent to the west Town Mall ifixand repair as well as to Will Englemonger and Chris Kelly At the time I sent these these pepole had positions of authority at Ifix and repair. I sent this message three times to the west town mall and these two fellows.
    I called up their today and I think I talked to Brian who said that there was new management. So I am just sending you this email to help you understand the situation
    Thanks Juniee Oneida 434 293 2068

    Mr. Will Englemonger

    My name is Juniee Oneida 4342932068

    On September 13 i took an ipad 3 into the ifixandrepair store in the West Town Mall in Knoxville, Tn store with a request to repair a crack in the glass screen.
    I had been using the ipad for a couple of months with no problem with the crack. I decided to take it in before the crack started to get to big.
    The store took my ipad and in about a week repaired the glass screen and gave it back to me. I had it for about a day when it started to act wackoo with the screen scrolling by itself and with me being unable to use the touch screen features.

    I took it back and they agreed that all was not well and said they would repair It is now almost 4 months later and i have not received the ipad back. Here is a summary of the story.

    During the 2 and half months that my ipad was at the knoxville store i called many times with the vast majority of times my call going to voicemail. I believe in the whole time my ipad was there i maybe spoke to someone maybe someone twice with both times promising some new part had to be ordered and installed.

    I got tired of this routine so i called the Welington, Florida office and told them of my troubles. They got the knoxville store to send them the ipad to fix it. Suprisingly the story remained the same with the Wellington store, with the same bit about needing to get one part after antother in order to fix the ipad. The last part they said had to come from China so i would just have to be patient.. At first Roy was responsive for the first call or two, but after that he stopped taking my calls and once again my calls would go to voicemail. I believe the Wellington store never ever once initiated a phone call to me.

    Mid-december i got through and was told that the ipad had been fixed and shipped on December 13th and would be at the knoxville store in a few days. The Wellington store told this same story to the Knoxville store. After a couple of weeks i called back Wellington store and asked for tracking number. Was told only Roy knew it and it. As i said before they were telling the Knoxvile store this same story as Knoxville was emailing them wanting clarification on when the ipad would arrive. Early January I finally got the tracking number from an employee at the Wellington store and it shows that the ipad never got to the post office until January 5 and was slated for delivery for January 7th in Knoxville. This was very surprising to Knoxville store when they found this out as they also thought the package was shipped on December 13th.

    Lastly when the ipad arrived in knoxville from Florida it was not fixed and they could not even get it to turn on. All that came with the ipad was a short note saying that they were unable to fix it, nothing else

    To say that this is unbelievable is to put it mildly. Is there anyone in Corporate who can help me get some relief with this situation

  5. I am having a problem with the store in the Boynton Beach mall. I was told I could bring my phone back within 60 days if I had a problem. There is a crack in the glass for no reason at all and THEY REFUSED TO REPAIR IT.

  6. I took my Macbook pro to to the store in International Plaza to be repaired. They were unable to repair it, went to pick it up and they did not have it. They lost it. The problem still haven't been dealt with.

  7. I had the worse experience ever in The Town center store in Sanford Mall.The mangaer Andrew Dyson refuse repair the screen that per Apple was not put it right.
    He got so upset, he was treating me and used vulgar language. I called the local policy to make a formal report and I will bring the case to court. Please avoid to bring your phone to that store.

  8. I have a concern regarding the Orland Square Mall location. Please contact me.

  9. I have a major problem that needs to be addressed with the Orland Square mall location in Orland Illinois. Please contact me

  10. I would like you to know that I am having difficulty getting a serious issue resolved at the Port St. Lucie Wal-Mart store. The 16 year old young lady across the street from me took her I-phone 5s to have the cracked screen replaced, she even supplied the screen and tools. The phone was working when she took it in. They had plenty of time because she was going on vacation. She had then contacted me and I contacted the store. I received the most inappropreate response from the young man that answered the phone. Left a message with him to have the manager call me. Never heard so I went to the store with my husband and the young man that was there at that time was very pleasent and informed me that he was from another store and did not know what I was talking about so when the manager/owner? came he wanted to know why I was upset and what he could do for me. I explained to him about the phone and he reached behind the counter and pulled out the phone. But it no longer had the camara in it and was totally destroyed and unrepairable. Needless to say I was very upset and he told me that he would work with me so I told him that she would be calling him regarding what the phone was missing. When she did he blew her off....probably because she was a kid. Well this kid worked hard for the money to buy that phone. I was told that this guy Tuncer Unlukaplan district manager just fired everyone because they were not doing their jobs. Someone needs to do something and show this young lady what responsibility is and that some companies actually care..
    Thank you,
    Suzanne R. Savini-Lockwood

  11. I would like someone to contact me regarding the Memphis, TN store located in the Wolfechase Mall. This store has had my cell phone since 8/9/16. They keep saying they are ordering the part, hell I could have gotten the part myself (walking)! The customer service is horrible and I'm sick of excuses. LaDonna 901-921-0047 [email protected]

  12. I have a issue myself the store is not ran right and it needs new management period the lady in there is rude and ignorant when it comes to customer service everybody says the same thing it needs new management or something the store is not ran properly I took a phone and tablet in there and haven't seen my stuff in weeks no call or show from the store owner she promised me a new device and she even cursed me over the phone so ill just get a lawyer cause mz.farmer said she will not replace my screen and talked real bad to mee and my daughter ill see her in court she makes the company looks bad .

  13. I went to I fix and got my phone repaired and they broke my phone this lady was working there I thought she was a guy at first started trying to flirt with me and I didn't like that at all it was kinda scarey to me never encountered that cause I'm not gay I have a husband but she messed up my phone. don't know her name but she has broke my I phone 6s plus and promised me a battery that I never got and it has taken to long for just to order a battery and a screen my home button doesn't work and my screen is lifting up she promised me a black screen but put a white one on there me and my family come there to get every phone fixed and this is not acceptable . they new management.

  14. I took my phone to the Wolfchase Mall ifix and repair store in Memphis TN to have the crack screen repaired. The tech did something to the phone to burn up the motherboard. The employees at the store have been ok to work with but it has been a month and my phone still isn't fixed. I called Jonathan Sharp who is supposedly the district manager. He was very unprofessional. It was a Sunday and I understand that everyone has a day off. He stated that this is a Business phone and I'm not going to blow his phone up. Well I'm also a business man and I have been dealing without a phone and I would appreciate some cooperation. I would like someone to contact me at [email protected] I am also going to report this to the BBB.

    1. ha don't hold your breath they are full of excuse me shit exspecially that mz Casandra farmer lady she promised me a new phone 2 months ago I never recived mine at all just because they lost my phoneand my I pad she was fixing on she is the worest tech ever I seen who are teaching these people . but ill never deal with I fix at wolfchase again .

  15. I went to wolfchase mall and a lady was suppose to fix my phone but she ended up messing it up even more and lost 2 bottoms screws my screen is sitting up like its not suppose to be like this I'm sure and I told her I wanted to speak with a manger or the store owner and she replied well you are speaking to me right now and whatever the problem is you have to go through me dum ass I said wow that was so disrespectful to me and my family and stated no one is hire than me stated ms farmer and I said its always somebody hire than you ms. just give me corp. number then and we will see she stated corp. not going to do anything to me on the phone as well when I called up there and stated I'm in charge wow so when did workers become hire than corp.someone needs to fix whatever is going on and she hung up the phone on me 4 times as well that's why I came back up to the store to see if my phone was ready and she cant find it all of a sudden well she can have that phone I am disusted with I fix and repair no more of you guys service is needed as well I need this delt with I love the company but that lady is not fit for a position at all with you guys store everybody is nice at I fix and repair but you have a bad apple up there at wolfchase and the word is spreading around I see from different comments. also they broke my home button on the brand new tablet a couple months back and I let that go but this is not right she needs to be delt with before further action is applied thanks in advance.

  16. I brought my phone up there they to wolfchase mall 4 months ago to I fix and repair the service was terrible they seem nice at first but the lady flipped out on me when I ask her a simple question about why my iPhone hasent came back yet after all this time I drove from olive branch miss. I told her I didnt have time to keep driving back in forth from there to Memphis and she said when we get it in we will get it in and don't keep coming up her to my store working my nerves we will call you . so I waited another whole month in a half thinking they was ordering parts and things I ended up buying another phone cause she had lied to me about shipping it off to florida it dosent take that long, for 3 months now the black lady wants to tell me that ya it came in but we couldn't find your number to call you to let you know it was in so they end upjusing it for parts and all I get is a I'm sorry hell no I need my phone or eles .smh at ifixandrepair never again. please help me resolve this issue.

  17. I'm so glad to read that I am not the only one who has been completely screwed over by the company. ifix is more like ibreak and idon't care. This company can go to Hades.

  18. Regarding Viera Avenue - 05 2270 Town Center Avenue Suite 107 - Wow I should have read reviews before doing business with these non-professionals ! I dealt with a smart guy named Dillon Brantner, don't be fooled by his initial quiet demeanor, if there's any issue he quickly shows he has no business in the Customer service arena. We called ahead and asked the price of replacing I phone 7 screen we were very explicit and said okay 130.00 that is the out the door price? Dill brain said yes. Is there anyone out there that doesn't understand what out the door pricing means...anyone ? Well Dilbert doesn't, so when I asked why are you charging me 139.00 when you said 130.00 was out the door price, Dilbert said you have to pay tax ! Seriously when you tell people the final price have the integrity to charge them that price, it's a basic axiom of surviving in a business Dilbert ! We started yelling at one another and Dilbert said get out of my store, then told who I guess was the manager (Steve) ? to call the police to remove me from the store. What a snot nosed loser this kid is. All he could keep saying is you have to pay tax ! Come on Jethro as I tried to explain in the store I will pay tax you charge me 121.50 and 7 % tax makes it 130 just like we agreed ? This higher math clearly eluded Jethro, oh sorry Dilbert, and all he could keep saying was get out of the store and can't you understand you have to pay tax ? I can see by all of the other terrible reviews that this core of geniuses will run this franchise into the ground. Stay away far away, Dilbert is lurking !


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