Houlihan's Corporate Office Headquarters

Houlihan's Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 8700 State Line Rd Suite 100
Leawood, KS 66206
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-913-901-2500
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-913-901-2500

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  1. we want to compliment Lupe and all your staff, at store 167, Park Ridge, Illinois. for being professional, kind, courteous, and very customer service. Angelo and Lena..........

  2. I want to say how the waiting staff in Arlington highlands was not pleasurable for starters. She rarely looked us in the eyeS as she talked but more so as she was walking away. She gave little to no assistance in help with the menu. Just poor waiting I've seen better and will not be back. Really disappointing how a restaurant as nice as that is can hire someone who has no teeth to talk.

  3. As a now terminated employee of store 110 in Leawood. I would have to say that the new guide lines that the new vice-pres and new regional manager have placed on the management team at this location is going to severely hurt their business. Put aside all the sanitation and safety violations here, they are making this location a place that is nearly impossible for a human to succeed and set themselves up for success. I have been a business owner and have managed kitchens for over 25 years. I took this job because I relocated to KS from CA with my wife. In my opinion, since Oct of 2016 this store have gone downhill in their sanitation, safety, and employer to employee relations in a huge way and it is just a matter of time when it starts to show to their clientele. All because of new corporate management ( who lives in IL) are only looking at numbers they see in a computer and not at how this store is set up, the tools ( or lack of), work environment, or even how the store runs on a daily basis to even know if their " new guidelines are realistic, safe, and even achievable. Good luck to you guys and very sad for the crew who will most likely become more and more unhappy, have a 40 hr week reduced to 24 hrs, work in unsafe and unsanitary conditions, and no breaks or comp food even in a 15+ hr shit. It's happened to me many times

  4. Just wanted to say that I ate at the Houlihans in Fairview Heights IL on Dec 2, 2017 which is a Saturday so it was busy around the time me and my husband went. I want to say that the service we receive from our waitress was great, even though she had a lot of tables to serve she was great. But what was not great was the manager at time who came off rude to the servers. I watch as the lady in charge that night not wanting to help during the dinner rush. I watch her literally shove a salad in one server hand saying how she's done helping and she does not want to run anyone else's food. I'm writing this complaint hoping it reaches the person in charge over that restaurant because that should be unacceptable. I watched while we were there how the servers bust their butts back and forth with smiles on their faces trying to please all of their tables during the most difficult time for a restaurant. As I watch the person in charge not wanting help her team at all with a attitude. Then as she goes to the kitchen she's saying rude comments to them. I just wanted to let corporate know in hopes of someone speaking with that manager about her way of helping team. Just from the outside looking in as a customer it looks bad so I know on the inside as a server it's horrible. That manager needs to be retrained on how to talk to people because she sucks. She had on all black and her hair is blonde, hope someone important sees this.


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