Hibbet Sports Corporate Office Headquarters

Hibbet Sports Corporate Office Headquarters
Hibbett Sports, Inc.
Address: 451 Industrial Lane
Birmingham, AL 35211
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-205-942-4292
Fax Number: 1-205-912-7293
Customer Service Number: 1-205-942-4292

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  1. Worst customer service I have ever received! Never do business with a Hibbett Sports Store!

  2. Exactly WORST customer service ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. if you don't want to do your job, quit!!!! Instead of playing on the phone acting so damn childish!!!! I keep hittinf 0 to speak with someone and you continue to send me back to damn automated system!!! Your office needs to be shut down!!!

  4. I have 2 grown children and 5 grand children. Every year I buy all of them items from Hibbetts. My grown children I usually buy Nike Hoodies. The grand children I buy Nike or Under Armor pants and hoodies. I buy sports bras for a grand daughter. I use gift certificates and give to them. My son tried taking a jacket back with a gift certificate and they would only give in store credit. Why offer gift certificates? You need to state upfront when a gift certificate is offered that returns will only be store credit. You can add up the money I spent with 7 people. Plus my husband loves to go to your store. Not anymore. I am done. That is no way to treat customers. Linda Cotter

  5. I had a horrible experience in Columbia SC at a store on Garners Ferry Road. The salesperson was extremely rude and the so called manager when I called back was not very nice either. They were dressed very unprofessionally and did not seem to care about the customers.

  6. I own alot of bascketball teams and i wanted to shop at the newport arkansas store. When i got in the young African American lady with glasses acted as if it was a bother for her to leave her nest at the counter and come help. She was gossiping and talking and acting as if this was not a place of buisness. She has no customer service training and i train alot of employees a year on customer service. And the young man named Mario needs to stop gazing at women customers like he does or a lawsuit will hit hard from some nice customer. Please hibbits do better. You just lost a potential boost in sale every week for life. Thanks to a few bad apples. I will pass the word of what i have seen. Thanks and good luck


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