Hannaford Corporate Office Headquarters

Hannaford Corporate Office Headquarters
Hannaford Bros. Co.
Address: 145 Pleasant Hill Rd.
Scarborough, ME 04074
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-207-883-2911
Fax Number: 1-207-885-2859
Customer Service Number: 1-207-883-2911

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  1. even though, under construction, with a large addition being added your Manager worked diligently to direct other Hannaford workers, speak with customers, and continue to be calm and considerate all at once. I know, I was there. You certainly have a special agent within your employ. Please let me know if she ever becomes available, as I could use such a person in my corporation. Ballston Spa, NY location

  2. I was filling 28 prescriptions at the Hannaford's in Jay Maine for my family. Our Dog is on four heart medication's, due to a serious heart condition. What Tamara did to my dog with his medication was horrible and unforgivable!!! She should and needs to be fired!!!! Especially for telling me I can fill my medication's elsewhere which I have done. I spoke with Kim the pharmacy manager and explained what had happened. I also explained you may not care about losing 10,000 dollars a month but cooperate will. What a shame this had to happen. You do not do this to an Animal!!!

  3. I called your complaint number yesterday and after 10 minutes I hung up and called your corporate number to report a product problem. The person who answered the phone gave me the 800 number that No-one Answers! I told her that and she suggested I keep calling until it gets answered. I replied that I took pictures of the problem Hannifords product and I was going to post it on my Facebook page. She connected me to someone that I left a message for. I have the container of this product so I can give you the run-number. I had bought it the day before I used it, yesterday. I don't want to tarnish your name, I only want to help Hannifords stay successful by producing Quality Products,not Surprise Unpredictably so-soers.
    Please have the person I left the message for contact me without my having to jump through hoops again.I left my name and home number and I the fact that I should be home from work by 1:30 today. If I could have send the picture to you here, I would have, but I don't see a link to submit it. I look forward to your call.

  4. I'm sick to death of managers in the individual Hannaford stores giving me the song-and-dance routine that they have no say over what comes into their store, i.e., it's all up to Corporate, AND I'm sick and tired of the little-to-no attention given to the "Natural" and "Organic" aisle, e.g. when something runs out, you're just like Walmart; you NEVER replace it or, if you do, it's with something INFERIOR. Obviously, when one gets out of Portland proper, everyone is a hillbilly, and doesn't understand the importance, nor do they care, of organic and natural versus GMO and chemically-laden food! Nothing in your store, if it isn't organic, is safe to ingest!

    1. What I meant to say was, "In my opinion, to which I am entitled, nothing in ANY store, if it isn't organic, is safe to ingest.

  5. Why is it that a Corporation franchise bought a location in Dexter Maine, yet would not give back to the community it does business with?? Your Dexter Hannafords Store will continue to be boycotted until you give your day old goods to the Community Sunday Free Dinner at our Ladies Kitchen.Sad that you think donating the Day Olds and such to the Bangor Shepards Soup Kitchen is out of touch with our community that is so depressed and and hour away of any such donation benefit of food and goods. You own and operate in Dexter, yet expect us to work for you with a smile and shop spending our hard earned monies there and you all think that giving employment is enough to help our community. Well it is not! You should all be ashamed of your selves for opting to send your food donations to another town instead of the town you have a business in. We and many others of us will never shop in your store. We would rather travel to Shaws instead or give Phile the owner operator of P&L. A Better store and community action supporter. ENOUGH SAID HERE BY A CONCERNED lOCAL CITIZEN

  6. Bought Hamburg patties , fresh pkg at Hannaford in Wells today , Dec 10 2017 . The package was dated sell by Dec 25 ! That's way too long for fresh not frozen . The meat clerk said , she had to store label it that way because the package is black stamped , pre dated ! That's crazy ! Please address this ! If I bought that meat in 15 days , it would appear to still be good !!!!!


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