Habitat For Humanity Corporate Office Headquarters

Habitat For Humanity Corporate Office Headquarters
Habitat for Humanity International, Inc.
Address: 121 Habitat St.
Americus, GA 31709-3498
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-229-924-6935
Fax Number: 1-229-928-8811
Customer Service Number: 1-229-924-6935

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  1. While U.S. Navy VET Phillip Williams was in the hospital having knee surgery, the "townspeople" demolished his home.....why doesn't Habitat for Humanity built him a home...Habitat as I know builds homes for low income people.....WHAT ABOUT THIS VET? This was done in West Hempstead Florida.
    I will mention this on FACEBOOK, people would love to know if you would help a VET!!!!

  2. I just purchased a Washing Machine from the store in Fort Pierce, Florida. It turned out to be junk. It wouldn't work. Habitat stated that "there are no refunds". Habitat is supposed to be an organization to help the community !!!

  3. I had the same thing happen to me here in Idaho, we bought a washing machine and had them deliver it and they took it to the wrong house and it had a dent in it when we got it. So I agree no organization or understanding directions

  4. I really just wanted to send an email in regards to my experience with your organization but I feel the whole internet should know. I very recently contacted your Restore in Plano, TX. to donate some furniture. I spoke to a young lady who asked a series of question which is fine, I understood completely. So we set a date and time for the furniture to be picked up. With all this being said I looked over all the local reviews of this location and a lot of them said that your drivers don't like going into peoples homes and navigating tight spaces. So I thought it would be nice to have the furniture staged outside in my driveway under a car port so all they had to do was drive down my alley and pick it up. Well they went to the front door luckily my wife was home and she explained to them where the furniture was and this is where it gets interesting. He got defensive and upset because we did him a favor. so when he got around back in my driveway he looked over the furniture for a few minutes and said he wouldn't be taking it due to the dog hair. Now one of the question the young lady asked me was do you have pets, I said yes dogs. the driver was rude and unhelpful to my wife which I don't appreciate. I called the store and spoke to the manager who himself was very shallow and condescending about what happened. If this is the type of business you're running. I will not recommend you nor will I ever darken one of your locations. You might want to get online (Google) and read some reviews about this particular store. The store is located at 2060 W Spring Creek PKWY. Plano, TX.

  5. I went to the Restore location on Washington Blvd in Halethorpe MD today to donate items an was not happy. When I backed my pick up truck up to the dock I asked the man if I was close enough and he said yes because I was going to tell to pull out anyway. He just look at what I had from were he was standing on the loading dock and said we don`t accept most of what I had. And I should take it all to the Good will.
    I have been donating things for a long time an know what you will take. Spent a lot of time making sure the items were in good shape and working order. Your origination missed out on a lot of items you could have made money from. I think you employee just didn`t want to deal with unloading the items. This is not acceptable an needs to be addressed.

  6. The Kingsford Michigan Habitat for Humanity store is a travesty. I’ve had numerous encounters with the rude employees. It is run by women who have turned it into a boutique. I went in looking for a desk to turn into a sink base. I asked the woman to move a few things so I could see the desk. She asked me what I was going to do with it. I told her. She then, looked me up and down and refused to sell me the desk. She told me it wouldn’t work. A week later I went back to the store and can you guess what I found with a sink in it. That’s right it was the desk she wouldn’t sell me. They had it marked $250! Apparently these women feel that this is their personal boutique. It is disgusting I will never enter the store again. No more donations either!

  7. I filled out Habitat For Humanity donation form for DT Knoxville Tn store for a like new kitchen countertop with like new aluminum sink and Delta faucets w pex lines attached.Store contacted me promptly next day.They first informed me that they couldn't pick up and that if I could transport their myself.I said okay,but I deliver I don't want to be denied for acceptance of countertop and faucett.The lady said if there is any problem tell them our top person SANDY has approved.I delivered and employee with overgrown red beard and attitude said they WONT accept countertop!!!! I had him check w SANDY and he was insistent they would not accept.He told me he was doing ME a favor by allowing me to throw countertop in their dumpster!!!! I asked if I should throw out faucets too and he said "that's it" and quickly marched back in the store! I placed everything in dumpster myself.NOT the charitable organization I thought it is and told a major countertop install co here in Knoxville of THE most unprofessional treatment I've experienced in a long time!


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