GoWireless Corporate Office Headquarters

GoWireless Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: P.O. Box 540047
El Paso, TX 88554-0047
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-866-487-1222
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-866-487-1222

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  1. My Phone was turned into the Bremerton WA Go wireless for warranty issues in Nov 2015. The Warranty was via Grip and the entire transaction was handled by the store. Last week I was charged by GRIP 200.00 for an unreturned phone. I went to the store and my phone was still in the "SAFE" I was promised it would be mailed out Monday four days later it still sits in the "SAFE". This is very bad business practices and needs to be rectified both handled and compensated for.

  2. We were charged a significant amount more for the phone we purchased than Verizon Corporate stores charge. They portray themselves as a Verizon Corporate Store with the Verizon name and logo prominently displayed on their store front, but be assured they charge significantly more for the same product than Verizon does. They will not make adjustments either.

    1. Same or Worse problem with blatant deceit for Christmas purchase!
      Local GoWireless store said we had 14 days to exchange phone if did not like either of 2 purchased: iPhone 7+ 128Gb or Samsung Galaxy Edge; however, after trying Android apps for 2 days that were bad (lack features, many Ads) vs Apple's iTunes (for which we replaced our iPhone 5s devices), the store refused to honor their 14 replacement policy at same Verizon Holiday Deal price as promised - offering only to sell us an iPhone at full retail cost instead. I will NEVER do business with this unscrupulous company, whose store manager approved our sale and terms but refused to help obtain an exception (if needed, it shouldn't have been) to sell us a replacement phone for the same price as they confirmed before we purchased the phones. I even traded in our phones, at lower appraised costs than corporate Verizon stores offer, and they would not return it - even though still physically in the store! Now I am left with NO cell phone, and GoWireless couldn't care less. Stay clear of this horrible company.


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