Gordmans Corporate Office Headquarters

Gordmans Corporate Office Headquarters
Gordmans Stores, Inc.
Address: 12100 West Center Road
Omaha, NE 68144
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-402-691-4000
Fax Number: 1-302-655-5049
Customer Service Number: 1-402-691-4000

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  1. I love Gordman's and your choice of merchandise and great values for the price. However, your spot on on the woman shopping at home under house arrest is AWFUL. Your ad agency totally missed its mark. Whose credit card is this woman using to shop. I think a full body cast or both legs in a cast would've been a much better choice. I'd rethink this if I was your marketing department.

    1. I agree with you! This did not lure me to their store or website! This actually discourages me from shopping there!

    2. I agree with you! This did not lure me to their store or website! This actually discourages me from shopping there!

  2. Gordman's in Davenport,IA has a poor staff in the Junior's dept. An unfortunate incident occurred yesterday morning, where an older Caucasian lady wrongfully disrespected a younger African American lady. The dept. Lead Alyssa & a cashier rudely discriminated on the younger lady by taking the side of the older Caucasian lady, without knowing the situation or that she had verbally assaulted the young lady, who is a CNA & LPN college student. The cashier told the older lady that she would call security for her, when the older lady was the start of the misunderstanding and confusion. When Alyssa showed up, she immediately went to the defense of the Caucasian lady; putting her hand up at the African American lady, when she tried to explain what occurred. Alyssa showed very rude attitude and behavior towards the young African American lady. What if this had been a minor child?? Something needs to be done about this immediately. I do not understand how this was allowed to go on or why individuals like that are allowed to work as employees. Alyssa should definitely not be in a higher up position, when she poorly handles these types of situations; disciplinary action most be taken.
    I will be following this situation for updates on resolution.

    A very disappointed customer

  3. I purchased two gift cards at Gordmans in Southaven MS. Look a fool, I threw them away my mistake. They were $25.00 each for my granddaughters. I have the receipt, the recipt has the last 4 digits of the gift cards. When I asked Gordmans if they could cancel them and reissue, they said no, they couldnt help me. I think they could. Instead they are keeping my $50.00 and not providing any product. So this is a win/win situation for them. I know I made the mistake but I think they could help me out. Just mad.

  4. A lot of the staff are leaving because of new management in the Fort Wayne store and corporate does not seem to address the issues at all. Ashley is rude and disrespectful in her ways of taking over and getting things done. She plays favorites and picks/choses what rules from corporate to abide by. She definitely has a superiority complex and does not value her staff. I love the store, but the management staff leaves so much to be desired. The new CEO of the company seems to be stingier and much harder to please and the change of the company mission statement is sad because that used to be what made Gordmans a great place to work and shop.

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