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  1. To whom it may concern:,
    I will just get to the point; for years I have waited for The Girl Scouts to help out with one of these organization such as Labels for Education or Box Top Education. When the time come to sell cookies this could help many school across the nation. I am for helping all education programs I believe this will be a great fit. Please act on this matter quickly as many kids need help.
    Thank you

    Derek Winters

  2. This is our daughters 4th year in girl scouts and she has loved it. She especially loves cookie sales. We started this journey together and there have been ups and downs and changes in our troop but up until this past summer and this Girl Scout season it has all been manageable. Unfortunately that is no longer the case and when those issues aren’t getting resolved after 6 months and affect the quality of our experience that our family has, than it is time to bring more attention to this situation. Girl Scouts of America are supposed to be helping encourage and help train future leaders of America. With the experience we have had the past 6 months with her troop leaders my daughter is being taught to ignore problems, not take responsibility for their actions, to only be concerned about their schedules and convenience, to not ask for help and or to not accept help, to stop conversation/communication, it is not ok to question, to push people out and bully them, to over commit, not deal with stress or conflict, it is ok not to communicate and leaders should not be held to any standard because they are volunteers.

    This breaks our hearts for our daughter. She is the one getting the consequence for others actions/words and lack of actions/words. She is already missing out on 2 camps because we cannot afford to lose out on 200 plus dollars with such a bleak future of continuing girl scouts. We were told not to come to the parent cookie meeting where we would have missed out on important information but our daughter would have missed out on the design of the tea party badge for the troop tea party. Please help me understand how this is the most successful way to resolve issues with the least amount of impact on the Girl Scout, our daughter. My question to Girl Scouts would be, is this how leaders are trained? Is this how we are training the girls, future leaders of America? What examples are we setting for our daughters and girls? Leaders of all kinds, paid and volunteer, should be held accountable for their actions. We have volunteered in many leadership positions and have family and friends who have been troop leaders in girl scouts. We know the time and effort that goes into volunteer positions. We also know that this does not exempt us from fully doing the position we signed up for.

    We have copies of Facebook messages, texts and emails that have been sent throughout the past 6 months of the situations with the troop leaders Stephanie Verseman and Amy Short of troop 65790. It is evidence of what we have done, evidence of the lack of what has been done and what has been said and when leaders have decided to stop communication. We have a timeline of what has happened to show how things built up and transpired. In our eyes the leaders are hoping we give up and just pull our daughter out of the troop. This behavior is not acceptable and I would hope that Girl Scouts of America feels the same way.

    We have always given our money in a timely manner, when we say we will be there or our daughter will be there we show up, we have given our answers to any question in a timely manner, we have volunteered in the group whenever needed (troop cookie pick up, in the meetings, bringing items, transporting girls to events/camps), we always said thank you for your hard work, gave thank you gifts, we worked hard at every fundraiser to help our troop.

    What do we have to do to bring attention to this matter, to get someone to take us seriously and respect the situation for what it is. We are standing up for what is right, we do not want other girls or parents to have to go through the stress and heartache that we have.


    John and Sarah Scudder

    [email protected] 303-601-4906

    [email protected] 720-231-4546

  3. I think the way the girl scouts are handling the COVID-19 and the inaction of what to do with remaining cookies is terrible. According to the email received yesterday about leaving it up to the individual leaders and girls to decide if they should be still selling cookies while major events are being cancelled and travel restrictions are being put in place is completely irresponsible. The individual troops should not be responsible for any left over cookies and the girl scouts should express this in an email when the safety of thousands of kids fall on your shoulders. Not to mention the fact that you are ok with breaking a safety rule about not having 2 girls and 2 adults at a booth which is completely shocking. This just shows that you care more about selling cookies than the safety of the girls, leaders and parents. The only reason parents feel the need to sell cookies still is that they dont want to penalize the troop when council withdraws the money in April. Nice way to show the girls leadership that you are supposed to be teaching them.

  4. Hello to all,

    I hope everyone is staying safe while coping with the issues of the COVID Pandemic.
    I just have one issue to report, and I am still looking for a logical answer. I am a grandmother who is raising my 9 year old granddaughter, I myself was a girl scout at the end of the 1970s, I put my two daughters in and volunteered. Now my granddaughter for the 2017-2018, 2018-2019 year, we moved to a small town 60 miles west of St Louis, at which time I was told there was no girl scout troops, though wanted and needed there has not been a active troop for over 18 years I was told. So I took it upon myself to try to start a troop, and round up the volunteer's and try to help all ages of girls. When I started to get things together, I was told that our troop could not be part of the Girls Scouts of Eastern Missouri, that we would have to be part of the Heartland Council. That would've been okay BUT we are 3 hours from Springfield, Mo and 1 hour from St Louis and 35 mins from Troy, Mo. I explained this to three different associates from Girl Scouts one from St louis, one from Springfield, and then Girl Scout Headquarters. I was told by all three that there was nothing that could be done about the issue, to just be part of Heartland and attend the events in St Louis if I wanted. I will try to explain this so many will understand, Our wanted troop wanted to be a confirmed part of one council not just thrown into a council 3 hours away, and be visitors to another where it was questioned which council we belonged to. I was even told that it shouldn't matter seeing that they were all part of Girl Scouts, that is true but why try to put us in a place 3 hours away where it is difficult to be a part of the on goings that we would've loved to have joined if it had not been for the hardship on the volunteer's to travel so far.
    After the final discussion with the mothers and the ones who wanted to volunteer the vote was a no go. They agreed that the decision that was made to have a council 3 hours away they declined.
    I just want to add that this is a town of 763 people, the only church that is here is a catholic church, there is 2 bars and 3 mom/pop restaurant's and a dollar general. My granddaughter has had nothing to help her stay on task or feel as she was a part of something for the past year. You see she has ADHD and struggles with the effects, she has really lost a lot of her skills of coping with this disorder, not because of just not having a council but other reasons also. I have done my part to help this community and now I have been left with no other option but to move once again to have my granddaughter thrive as a young adolescent.
    I do hope this reaches anyone that has the authority to put this issue on the table and change this area to be part of a council that is 60 miles away instead of 3 hours for these girls in this small community.

    A McAllister
    [email protected]

  5. Sarah, It is unfortunate that you and your daughter had to go thru this horrible experience. To answer your question, troop leaders are given some training and girl scout council (at least mine) stress good communication and conflict management. There are council staff members to assist. We are human and leaders are volunteers so the situation can get difficult for persons involved if there is a conflict. I wish you the best, perhaps this is a blessing in disguise as you decide to take the lead and form another troop to give your daughter and other girls a better girl scout experience!

  6. We have been asking National for over 20 years to reproduce one of the vintage Mariner Patches. I have contacted members of the national council and still there is nothing. We have had over 100 requests sent to National that we know of. Now that the new Mariner program is being rolled out-can we at least get the patch for completing basic ranks? We were very thankful when they rolled out the Mariner pin years back and have been writing you since then requesting the patch. Please make it available to us now that there is even a rebirth of the program!
    Mariners in Illinois and Wisconsin


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