Giant Tiger Corporate Office Headquarters

Giant Tiger Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 2480 Walkley Road
Ottawa, ON K1G 6A9
Email: [email protected]
Corporate Phone Number: 1-819-776-4181
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-819-776-4181

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  1. My mother was in the Simcoe this past Saturday,84 years old,she was running late just prior to closing,the girl at the counter said she could grab a few things as they are closing,she went into the store and one of your workers was (very aggressive / rude and told her to get out out the store,It upset her very much,If you want to loose customers,that,s the way to do nit,her name is Evelyn,someone owes her a apology,Giant Tiger reputation is at stake,

  2. From a very frustrated customer, my husband again drove me to the Giant Tiger store on the far side of Owen Sound, we live in Meaford. This is the first day of the sale and we were there in the am. They advertised Cashmere toilet paper on for half price. The 20 double rolls, limit 3/customer. When I went in to ask for it they said sorry all sold out. This is not the first time I have travelled out of town to shop there, but assuredly it will be the last. They are re-locating to the Owen Sound mall November 18th, I certainly hope they will stock that store a little better. Very disappointed. With the price of gas as it is, this trip was a waste of time and money. Carolyn Thompson, 39 Centennial Heights Court, Meaford, Ontario. N4L 1E5. Management should be notified about inventory control as it leaves a bad taste in people mouths that travel from another town. Just Saying.........

  3. This is to inform you that; I went last night (02 Dec 2017) to Giant Tiger 2950 Bank Street, Unit 12 Gloucester, Ontario K1T 1N8 (GST # 866587082RT).

    My mom (67 Years old) picked Lint roller item code no 000738017 from the bin, and bin has only one price tag, which indicates and advertised on both products vertically stands for a $1. (I took and attached the pictures along with this email for your kind consideration)

    We all went out side, and my daughter bought that item from the cashier, when I saw the receipt its was $5.60. my mom yelled at me, and said it was only for a $1. we came back to the store from the car... and checked that place where she found that item.

    I went there and I took those pictures, coz she was right, that the only advertised putting on to that area which indicates the price of both bins.

    So I went to customer service and told her same thing, she said I call to my manager, me and my mom was waiting and the Manager (Peter) came after 5 mins and I describe him the same story, he said I can't give you that for a dollar in a very bad way, I told him, its your mistake you advertised incorrectly and I showed him the pictures as well he said to me why don't you read the sign he was very rude with us. then again I said it was your mistake! and you suppose to price match with this item. he said rudely no and left without ending up the conversation.

    I have only one way left at that time. to return that item, I went back to the customer service desk and this time different lady, I mentioned it to her that its not fair, she listen to me and said you have to contact head office, and they will help you and here I am....

    I am not taking a step in because of the dollar, Its just because of the insulting of customer(Me and my mom) and dissatisfaction from this place and the manager (Peter) and the GT 2950 BANK ST. location.

    The Manager (Peter), how he became a manager> he doesn't know how, how to deal with the customers and make their self happy, as per your claim on your web site:"Friendly and fun" this manager make our self embrace instead. since 1961 your stores worked very hard to become a well known and one of the best stores in Canada. but these kind of manager's put the water on your hard work....hope you understand what I am trying to say !


    The store is legally obligated to sell the item at the advertised price.

    Misleading ordinary selling price representations

    "Subsections 74.01(2) and 74.01(3) of the Competition Act are civil provisions. They prohibit the making, or the permitting of the making, of any materially false or misleading representation, to the public, as to the ordinary selling price of a product, in any form whatever "



  4. I live in British Columbia and I was looking to see how many Giant Tiger stores were in BC and I was very shocked to find out that there is only in one in the whole province, it is in Cranbrook. I live in Victoria BC and I think it is time more stores started opening in BC. I used to shop in the one in Cranbrook, because I lived only 20 miles from it. But I can't do that now. You should think about it.


  6. I was in the Kempville store 2 times in the last month & the cashiers DON'T ask if you're a VIP member or not! Therefor I have lost $$ on every occasion. The transactions was so fast that I was more concerned about wearing the mask & forgot to ASK FOR VIP. How many other stores are like this I wonder? Manotick & Stittsville always ask why not Kemptville?

  7. Outraged with how I was treated. Manager or he was the owner not exactly sure now what he said his position was but the guy came to me yelling at me and making accusations that I stole from his store it was like a week after the date that he said the theft was committed I said to him I had no idea as to what he was talking about and that I wasn't even in the store on that date at all which he continued to say that I'm on camera and all this which I said that's impossible considering I wasn't there , so I said I'd like to see this video that apperently has me on it stealing then which he then said no I can't show you that other wise I'd have to call the police. Which I said if your going to accuse me then I have a right to see the evidence that is showing me do such a thing. Called me a bitch and said well then I'll have to call the police for you to be allowed to see the video so I said go a head I'd like to see this video that apperently has me stealing when I wasn't at your store. So he walked away oh and he said I was band from the store. Then a minute or two later I continued on walking trying to walk home as I got to the other side of the street the same guy gets out of his vehicle in the same parking lot and goes running towards my direction screaming and yelling calling me names saying I'm a bitch and that I better run away, which I wasn't running at all actually I was walking regularly. When he did this he really scared I thought he was going to run right up to me and hurt me or something but instead he stopped at the edge of the street slandering me for no real reason I had done nothing wrong I don't know why this guy would do this or treat me like this it is the most unprofessional thing a manager or owner of any business could ever do and then to be publicly slandering me is unreal. I will say I've never been so scared for my life by the actions this guy made . I just want everyone to know this guy is completely rude and insulting as well as unprofessional. I personally think he should be fired or the store shut down if he's the owner. At this point I'm looking into getting him charged for publicly slandering me and looking into what I can have done considering he ran at me in such an aggressive manner calling me names and making scared for my life like he was going to attack me or something I suggest people avoid this store like the plague..
    I personally believe that I deserve a formal letter and a publicly made apology for what was said and for slandering me and my name. Not to mention some type of reimbursement for the fact of scaring me so badly making it seem he was going to attack me which set off my PTSD from when a man tried to kill me in the past
    I was approached on tue 25 of Jan 2022 was told the incident in question was on Sat 22 Jan 2022
    250 Taunton Rd Oshawa Ontario


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