Gehan Homes Corporate Office Headquarters

Gehan Homes Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 14901 Quorum Dr., Ste. 300
Dallas, TX 75254
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-383-4300
Fax Number: 1-972-383-4399
Customer Service Number: 1-972-383-4300

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  1. Gehan Homes advertise some of the most beautiful floor plans and they are not a fully custom home builder but Gehan has some of the worse sales managers especially the one that is responsible for the Schertz TX area. The sales consultant in that area has exceptional customer service skills. Her ability to addresses her guest issues and acknowledge information that was not accurate giving via advertisement or during the floor planning stages is normally handled and compensated as quickly as possible. The problem: her sales manager seems to decide who she will help and who she will not. It's 2017 and Gehan should honor anything that comes as a standard in their homes especially when it's not written that upgrading one area will take away from another area. A floor plan such as the Stanford which is advertised with a bench seat in the master closet but not one single home was giving it except a model. Being told that it can't be placed in the other closet because floors plans have already been submitted and it's a structure issue is not accurate and that when Boss does walk through it would cause a problem. How about if everyone acknowledge the builder messed up and forgot to install it. So am being told I can't get any compensation for an error that's not my fault and the sales manager is adamant about not helping. Yet a client isn't happy that an electrical unit is in their backyard so deal is worked that he'll pay half for a different lot interesting obviously this isn't about saving money. I love the plan I picked out and was singing high praise (although reviews said others) of Gehan customer service skills but I guess I just happen to be one of many that's finding out that sales managers are not created equal!

  2. We thought we would get a better build and better service from a Gehan Home. We were wrong.

    We submitted our warranty repair list on August 21. Taylor did his walk-thru on August 29. According to our paperwork, your "goal is to have repairs scheduled and completed within 14 days from the time 'we' are contacted." It has been almost 48 days since we submitted our 60 day list, and almost 40 days since Taylor did the walk-thru. Beginning today, I will be sending a weekly email with remaining items on our warranty repair list. We have been very patient up to this point; however, our patience is wearing thin.

    This is not a complete list, only the remaining UNRESOLVED items!

    MAJOR: Kitchen countertop/stovetop

    MAJOR: Dead tree in front yard (has been dead since right after we moved into our home, first reported at 3 weeks)

    Upstairs bathtub still needs to be caulked (job never completed)

    Trim by fireplace needs to be caulked and painted (job never completed)

    Caulk undersides of window sills (never done)

    Missing stain and clear coat on stair bannisters, clear coat drips, missing paint by balusters, chipped paint.

    Never received 1 quart of bright white trim paint, as promised.

    Cricket pads for back door (scheduled for Tuesday)


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