Gaylord Hotels Corporate Office Headquarters

Gaylord Hotels Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 201 Waterfront St.
National Harbor, MD 20745
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-627-7468
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-627-7468

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  2. I love your hotel I came there on Christmas Eve but when I got there the shower had hair in it and I didn't have any washcloth. House keeping came drop off the wash cloths but never clean shower. I also was not told that when you charge anything to your room its charge to your credit card but not your room credit. House keeping came at 2am to clean my shower but we was sleep and never came back.

  3. I did get credit back but I was just surprise. Staff at front desk was very nice and helpful.

  4. contacted corporate office on complaint on Gaylord hotel in grapevine,seemed very nice on phone was going to hear back in two days,never herd back just tells me they really don't care they already have your money.if you read the reviews the response is all the same

  5. I have had a terrible experience at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center on the Potomac. Me and my family checked in on December 26th. We arrived at the hotel at about 4:30 but didn't get checked in until approximately 6:00. The front desk was simply not equipped to handle the number of check-ins on a holiday. On Wednesday, December 27th, my family and I left the hotel at 9:30 to spend the day in Washington DC. When we returned at 6:00 our room had still not been cleaned. I call the front desk from the hotel room phone and was on hold for 20 minutes. I then called housekeeping, again from the hotel room phone, and was again on hold for 20 minutes without answer. Following this, I went to the front desk and waiting in line for 30 minutes to speak with the manager. The "Front Desk Lead" "Stephanie" was empathetic and apologetic and told us that she would send towels up to the room ASAP. I declined full room cleaning as at this point in the night I only wanted towels. My family and I left from the lobby and went out to dinner. We arrived back at the hotel at 9:30 and there were still no towels. I again called both the front desk and housekeeping from the hotel phone with again no answer. I then called the 301-965-2000 number from my cell phone and went down stairs. While waiting in line at the front desk a woman answered, I explained my dilemma, and asked to meet with Stephanie. I was told act she had left and that she would transfer my call to the new desk manager on duty. I was told that the desk manager did not meet with people in the lobby and would talk to me on the phone. I insisted and only begrudgingly the desk manager came out to meet me in the lobby. It was now 9:45 and the new Front Desk Lead named "Alexandra" finally agreed to meet me in the lobby at the front desk. Unlike Stephanie, Alexandra was cold, uncaring, and seemed generally uninterested in solving my problem. When I asked for towels, she said that she would send them up with housekeeping. After I explained that I had little confidence in housekeeping as they hadn't been able to get up to the room in well over 3 hours, she finally agreed to provide me with new towels. When I got up to the room my daughters announced that we had run out of toilet paper (not surprising as housekeeping hadn't been there in 2 days) and I again called housekeeping - again now answer. I went back to the lobby and again met with Alexandra to retrieve toilet paper.

    In my humble opinion, you really need to work with front line employees in customer service. At the very least answer your phone calls that come from within the hotel from guest room phones, and you need to do a better job in answering calls to the 301 number. Again, in my humble opinion, Stephanie is the type of front desk manager that you want. She didn't solve the problem, but she was kind and customer oriented in her manner. Alexandra is not someone you want representing your company.

    Some other issues that you might want to be aware of:

    Your self-parking exit that requires the use of the room card does does not work necessitating guests to drive backwards into oncoming traffic to use the gate that has a service attendant. When I told this to the service attendant and suggested that they cover the arrow with the directions to the gate up with tape and/or cardboard she said that they've done thin on multiple occasions but someone from the hotel always comes out and takes it down. It is a safety hazard to your guests.

    Second, one of your handicap accessible door was not operative. As someone who works represents people with disabilities I will be following up on this. Again, you might want to look into this as you are in violation of the ADA.


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