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  1. Posted on YELP Just wanted to report some good customer service and some lousy one. I had purchased tix for American Sniper for the 9:30 pm showing thru their app. Their computer showed seats k9k5 but my receipt showed j4j5, in either case, none of the seats were available. No biggee, there were better seats in the next showing 15 mins later. Shortly into the movie, i hear what sounds like a cracked speaker, sounds like it's drizzling outside. You can hear it during the quiet parts of the movie, you know like when they're sneaking up on the bad guy. It's faint, but it's THERE. So after the movie, i complained, making them aware of this cracked speaker. That's when the mgr. BETH ADAMS, says that it's not the speaker but the AC and it wasn't part of the movie. I asked for a credit because i pay top dollar for state of the art and whether it's the speaker or the ac, i felt that they could accommodate me in some way. Well she said no, because i saw the movie. I replied, if my tix didn't get messed up, maybe we wouldn't be having this conversation. Regardless, i felt it was poor service, especially when you drop $$$ a movie, and what could've been an enjoyable movie night was tainted by her attitude, so i decided to share her name with you guys so as not to expect much from her service. Really? You guys make such a big deal about people using their phones, but when your operation is operating at less than 100%, it's our tough luck?

    1. You are one of those asshats that finish a meal then want to say your steak was overdone so you want a refund. You will tell them that you had to eat because you were out of time to go on a 7 day trek and had no time to eat anywhere else. If it bothered you that much, you should have left, they would give you a refund and you could come back another day. Life is not perfect, you ought to learn that snowflake. Now if they have bad equipment, and are too stupid to fix it or communicate that it is a concern, then take your money elsewhere. People like you suck

    2. Your Sparks Theater in Legends Anthony one of the managers and I think Cindy Lou was the other one horrible horrible customer service they treated us like we were inconveniencing them look at that place I think it's going downhill

  2. My mom purchased 7 tickets for creed for 3:30 friday showing on app. When we went and printed tickets at theater they said it was the showing was for the day prior. We bought another $50 of food and got seated until another family had the same seating. When we spoke with manager Alex of the galaxy theater in sparks, nv was rude and unhelpful. He made us all leave with no refund and would not trade the tickets to a different showing.

  3. Well, I had a heartbreaking experience on Thanksgiving similar to above at the #Galaxy Henderson NV, Booked on line, get to theatre to find out it was for a different date, etc. The movie was no longer playing. Had 7 family members in, a 12 yr old with a birthday and the manager on staff, would not put us into the Dinosaur movie, 2 theaters, was not sold out, she would not refund us or give us a credit to use later. So disappointed in how it was handled from a customer service standpoint. The kids needless to say were upset, we all were. Not a good impression to leave with kids needless to say. Wow, what has the world come to? Such a lack of compassion, especially at the holidays.

  4. We bought our tickets on line--get to the theater and you guessed it--too bad, so sad--the tickets were for a different day; refunds only for the same day within 30 minutes of the showing. Poor customer service; the manager was rude and unprofessional. Very disappointing! I am contacting corporate!

  5. I purchased 4 tickets online for the Revenant showing today (1/10/16). This is the first experience with the online service. I go to this theater every couple of weeks so am very familiar with choosing the tickets from the screen at the counter from the staff. One would think the online service would be the same set up. Unfortunately, to my surprise, the tickets are displayed differently online than when purchasing in the Theater. What would have been a representation of four seats in the rear of the theater (if purchased in the theater) turned out to be the very front row first 4 seats. The Supervisor (Justin) said it is a frequent complaint, and the Manager (for some reason didn't have a name tag on...) didn't appear to be too concerned with my predicament or the money I've spent and instead of looking at me, stared to the right of me during two different conversations. I asked if he would like to join me, my husband and my 84 year old parents in the front row to enjoy the movie and popcorn, he didn't. He did say he knew it was a problem, he's been there 2 years but didn't have any say in the online display (Corporate doesn't know??). Just my guess but this is probably the only way they can sell these seats. The angle wouldn't allow anybody to see the whole picture, I challenge anybody to sit in these seats and enjoy a movie. 4 Tickets with the non-refundable service charge was $38.00, 1 large and 1 med popcorn and 4 drinks were another $29.00, and 55 miles round trip. I did get a refund for $33.00. I certainly wouldn't have spent money on concessions in a theater if I'd known how terrible the seats were. Why in the world would there even be seats in these positions in any theater? Have the Corporate staff enjoyed a movie from these seats? I am requesting some type of compensation for this inconvenience. Reimbursement for the concession expenses would be a start, the $5 non-refundable would also be appreciated. The Sparks Galaxy Theater manager has my full name (Kelli) and email address from this incident today. Said there was no address or way for me to contact the corporate office other than a phone number. Guess they don't want people to complain easily.

  6. The Galaxy Theater In Sparks, NV has failed to respond to request to be contacted regarding an assault on my physically impaired wife. I have already relayed this information to my contacts in both the local and national media. You do not want to test my resolve

    Bill Guerrero
    To [email protected] Mar 21 at 5:30 AM
    I am requesting to be contacted as soon as possible by management (not just the manager on duty) regarding a disturbing incident that
    occurred on Saturday 3/19/16 at approximately 4:30 PM at the Sparks theater.

    This incident has seriously affected my family and our belief that your theater is a safe place. Every employee froze like deer in the headlights and not a single person interceded to help diffuse in a situation when my physically impaired wife was being threatened by another patron. I stood alone with my ten year old daughter and my autistic son fending off a crazed women while her disrespectful kids taunted my children. Someone finally got a manager, which I only realized after the fact when I saw that he was standing there just watching. I could see in his eyes and expression that he was absolutely clueless on what to do. I am a qualified security professional and it is my evaluation that your property and its staff are completely unprepared to handle situations like this and did absolutely nothing while my physically impaired wife was assaulted and my family was being bullied and then called racists. It had gotten to the point that this crazed women refused to back away from my wife and I actually thought that I was going to have to restrain her and take her to the ground to hold her for the authorities. This establishment was unprepared and acted in an irresponsible and incompetent manner and placed my family at risk.

    Bill Guerrero

  7. I was buying tickets to a movie in Sparks online and didn't like the seats available for a particular time so I picked a different time and when I checked out I was charged for both times. I called the theater and they refunded me the cost for the seats but said I had to pay the online service charge. The system didn't even let me know I was being charged for both movie times until after I clicked on pay. I don't feel like I should be charged the service fee when the system didn't notify me that I was being charged for both sets of seats prior to purchasing.

    Unhappy customer,
    Jeff Jones

  8. I can see from the comments that I am not the only one having issues with Galaxy Theaters. I purchased a 100.00 online gift certificate thru galaxy theaters for my grandson in October 2015 and when they went to try and use it they said they could not take it because there should be one more part. I sent my daughter everything that was email'd to me. I have been calling since February to try and get this resolved they patched me thru to David Smith. He called once but it was not able to get to my phone. I have been calling since leaving messages and of course he never calls back and now it is May. What does it take to get someone to call you back and help you with this.
    Extremely dissatisfied customer
    Linda Braswell
    770-942-3432 work number

  9. I am, from the looks of the comments above, a rarity in that I love our local Galaxy Uptown Theater. I would like to suggest that you expand your offerings to include some of the limited release independent films out there. For example Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Don't Think Twice and Indignation were all highly rated by viewers and critics, but I have to go into a small theater in another town to see any of them. Meanwhile, Paramount AND you lose money on big budget bombs like Ben Hur. Even if some of the independent films were offered just for one special showing or day a week I should think you would be making a little more money than you do on inane efforts like Independence Day: Resurgence, Now You See Me 2 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A large advertising budget does not make a film worth seeing (nor does a critic's view necessarily); word of mouth does. Please make an effort to champion some of these independent films AND keep yourself in business at the same time. I love our Galaxy here in Gig Harbor and don't want to have to go into Tacoma or Seattle to see great films. Thank you for considering this suggestion.
    Candace Anderson, Gig Harbor, WA

  10. To Whom It May Concern:

    My name is Gerald Litt and this complaint is being written for several reasons.

    # 1}It is simply impossible to get someone live to speak with at your Corporate Office or local locations. This is simply bad, bad customer service.

    #2) Although we appreciate the discount afforded to seniors through the Prime Time 55 Movie for seniors it has created additional concerns and issues when trying to pre-book reservations online. We simply can't perform that task online for pre-reservations and seating arrangements. This has caused a second trip for seniors to revisit the theatre and make arrangements and then a third trip to view the movie at our scheduled time. This is absolutely absurd.

    3.) It seems that the customer service isn't important to your staff and causes them to be rude and obnoxious when questions are asked in reference to seniors concerns.

    Can we resolve this with better communication and customer service for seniors alike.

    Please do respond,

    Gerald Litt
    (702) 410-0192

  11. ok so what are your policies towards Hiring family?!!....ive read that it is not practiced.....however the Riverbank Galaxy has done that over and over and over and over again!!!in example this past hiring process at Riverbank Galaxy has a husband who just got promoted to manager( coincidentally his brother is an ex manager)....his wife just so happens to be a supervisor.......and if that isn't enough we have husbands brother as a crew member.....kinda bogus if you ask me....... also what are your policies towards hiring non experienced people to manager????....well that happened aswell at Galaxy appalled that this could employee with 7 years experience and 2 1/2 years experience as a supervisor was looked over for the guy with no supervisor experience??!!!....... told that the selection process was by VOTES?!!! RIDICULOUS!!! who does this?!!

    1. Well, it is quite obvious you are an employee at this movie theater simply by how descriptive your comment was. I think it is very childish and downright embarrassing a person would go through such lengths to talk about a fellow co worker. You have no idea what may or may not be on an individuals resume. What experience he or she has in order to qualify for the aforementioned manager positions. You might want to take a good look in the mirror after such a cowardly act as posting such an offensive comment. And as for family working together there are no laws against this certain thing in California. As well as a married couple working together. In fact there are laws protecting couples in California. But I'm no lawyer. All I can say is a company dictates whether or not they want to change their policy, not the employee. Furthermore, I believe you should just continue focusing on your job and hope this disgusting comment doesn't catch up to because that would be a shame. Have a nice day

  12. Being in the guest experience business myself I feel compelled to write a note about the way I was treated while watching a movie at the henderson Nevada theater. My best friend and I took our children to see the new Trolls movie on Friday, November 18th at 6:45pm. The kids had been eagerly looking forward to this for weeks. We purchased our tickets and concessions and approached the usher to gain access to the theater. I noticed there was a gruff looking uniformed security officer behind the usher, which seemed a bit unwelcoming, but figured he was there for our safety and thought nothing more of it. As we enter the theater, we excitedly found our seats in row D and settled in. As we were getting settled, a young man addressed the small crowd of theater goers, explaining the “no electronics” policy, stating that cell phone usage would not be tolerated, and that anyone caught using their cell phones in the theater would be asked to leave. The lights went down and the credits began, and our 4 young children fell under the spell of the magic of the movie, mezmerized by the colorful animation presented on the enormous screen. Being that it was a kids movie, there were a number of small children scattered throughout the theater, and the sounds of their little excited voices could be heard everywhere. This was expected and appreciated, as this movie was for them.

    About a half hour into the movie, I saw my friend get up and walk to the aisle to speak with an usher and walk out of the theater. I thought nothing of it, assuming she needed to use the restroom, and continued to watch the movie, engrossed in the cute story line, with my youngest child nestled into my lap. A few minutes later, my friend's daughter whispered into my ear “Is my mommy coming back?” I realized she hadn’t returned from the restroom, and I texted her to make sure everything was ok. Her response shocked me: "the usher said I was being disruptive and asked me to leave” she wrote. I immediately got up and gathered the children to go see what had happened, dodging a small child being chased his father who was trying to keep him quiet during the movie.

    We walked out of the theater and I found my friend in the lobby and she explained that she had received a text message and she looked at her phone and placed it under her leg so as not to distract her daughter. Shortly after that the usher came over and tapped her on the shoulder and asked her to come with him, along with a couple of other “disruptive” people from other seats in the theater.

    As I was listening to my friend recount the event, I looked over to notice another couple angrily speaking to a staff member, upset with the treatment by an usher. I couldn’t believe this was how our much anticipated movie night had turned out. I asked to speak with a manager and the GM approached us, appearing ready for battle. As I recounted the events to her, it was immediately apparent that she was not sympathetic to our experience, nor did she care to even discuss it with me. Realizing this, I asked for a business card and we left the theater.

    As I initially mentioned, I am in the guest experience business as the director of restaurants at the Bellagio, and part of my responsibilities include recovering guest complaints on a daily basis. I know and understand the importance of creating memorable experiences, and to us, our guests are the most precious part of our business. Without them we have nothing. If I ever treated our guests in such a manner I wouldn’t have a job.

    Going to the movies should be a magical experience; a memory to be cherished and fondly recalled; a brief escape from the chaos and stress of life. This was absolutely not the case last night. I will never return to that theater, and will make sure that I share this experience with everyone I come in contact with, both personally and professionally.

    Thank you for your time.

    Amanda Cohen
    [email protected]

  13. You may want to revamp your management hiring criteria. Not only do the reviews speak for themselves, personal experience solidified the claims!!! They are on a serious power trip of control!! Continuous insults, demeaning comments and demands that if they had half a brain,would know they could not be attained and even though they are not attainable, recourse by the management is inflicted on the employee. I would highly suggest you take a long hard look,at your management of you want to avoid a harassment law suit.

  14. Two of my friends recently went to a movie and they called the day before the show to request a closed captioning device because one of the people attending the movie is deaf. She was told that they were available and working. Come showtime, they are 15-20 minutes into the movie and the device is not working. So, they go to Guest Services to get a new one. After multiple attempts NONE of them in the entire theater were working. Once they found out none of the devices worked, they were comped two tickets which does not solve the issue. Their Vision Statement states; “Vision Statement: Provide a consistent, first class entertainment experience in the communities we serve, through effective management, people friendly service, and quality presentations in comfortable, clean surroundings, thereby increasing customer satisfaction, market share and profitability.” The resolution of the free tickets does not solve the situation. They also never attempted to have someone fix the device while they were there.
    After hearing this story, I called the corporate number to make a complaint. The girl answered the phone with a “hello?!” That by itself was very unprofessional. I then proceeded to state that I needed to make a complaint about the Riverbank, CA location. After speaking to the “corporate manager” I was told that he “will make a note”. He did not ask for any information, apologize, or attempt to make the effort to fix the situation. After that phone call, it shows that their customer service is terrible on the corporate level and they don’t care to fix the situation or prevent any future issues from happening. They did not resolve our issue or make the effort to apologize for the faulty closed captioning devices. Not only was I still upset about my friends’ experience but I am not having a good one of my own calling their “corporate number”. I have worked customer service for many years and would NEVER answer the phone or dismiss any complaint the way I was dismissed. They are absolutely lacking in their customer service department.

    I am very passionate about making all things inclusive for any type of accommodation needed for my friends and the fact that I have friends who were not accommodated is very frustrating to hear. Any and every disability needs to be accommodated for, not just some. This is in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act Title III Regulations, Part 36. “§ 36.307 Accessible or Special Goods.” The fact that it is almost the year 2020 and things like this are still happening is absurd to me. I think they should at least have a weekly maintenance on those devices to ensure they are ALL functioning at all times. You never know when you will have a deaf customer. Since this experience, I have talked to my friend who needed the device and he mentioned that this happens all the time and he is used it happening. So, my friend who was a paying customer had to watch this movie without captions. That does not seem fair. Hopefully someone from this company can recognize that this is a major issue and wants to help resolve this and prevent any future issues of this kind from happening at any of their locations.

  15. Went to Theater BOULEVARD MALL Las Vegas NV. Sat 20/24/20 . The Honest Theif showing @ 6:35pm. When movie was over I went to the Women's Ladies room. IT was DISCUSSING! almost all of the stalls was used/ unflused # 1&2.. I found one. A young lady came in and said there is no way and she can wait till she gets home! I COULDN'T. I told the worker that was at the collect your ticket stand and she apologized and said They cut staff hrs, short of help. WOW! I said that is no excuse! and left. Still shocked... I been coming here since this Theater came to the Boulevard Mall. I live walking distance....

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    How am i able to tell which theaters are one level and which ones are higher leveled theaters... if that makes sense?lol


    I might be wrong but I think DFX are the higher level theatre room kinda like a baseball stadium seating. Sorry if I'm wrong!

    Ali C. 2 years ago 1 person found this helpful

    Can I reserve my seats on line?


    You sure can! Visit our website to browse through show times and select your preferred seats in advance:

    Julia A., Business Customer Service 2 years ago
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    Terry O.
    Moreno Valley, CA
    3/21/2021Updated review
    After waiting a year for the theater to re-open due to the pandemic, we bought tickets to go see a move today. A very bad choice. The young man who served us at the snack bar was polite, but did not know how to do his job. He was asked to use some of our points on the refreshment bill and given the reward card, he ran the card through his register but did not use the points. When this was pointed out to him another person came over to "help". All this person did was laugh at my husband for wanting what he asked for, points used for the popcorn. When a remark was made that we will just go to Harkins from now on, he seemed to think this was hilarious as he just laughed more. We went to see the manager over this disrespect from the man, they didn't understand "after all the points were added to your account". Raquel took several minutes to understand that we had wanted our points used for the popcorn and the young man didn't do that and the other person, who we found out was the person training him, thought it was so funny that he laughed at us for wanting to use our points. She finally caught on and refunded our money saying that she would talk to the laughing person about how that his behavior was inappropriate for the situation. I doubt she will do or say anything because she didn't really seem to care about the problem, or the disrespect.

    Hello Harkins!!


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