Flash Foods Corporate Office Headquarters

Flash Foods Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 215 Pendleton St.
Waycross, GA 31501
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-912-285-4011
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-912-285-4011

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  1. i live on Jekyll Island and as you know "we" travel off the island for a lot of things we need! Cable is ok, Netflix ok, BUT the "Redbox" is the most economical cost for renting movies for those who travel or "just want a movie night"! Your Flash food store on the island is the best "outside location" for a "REDBOX"! i would have loved to buy a franchise but that is not available! You have the "means and way" for a great location! I guess others have told you this before, but i thought it might be ok to put my 2cents in! Just a Thought!

  2. Yes the employees at Flash Foods are very rude and have very poor customer service and the Machines such as the drink machine and the cappuccino machine never works probably do to the employees not wanting to fill them up or clean them not sure, but I know they're always out of order so maybe y'all should just take the machines out since they never work. Oh yeah if the door is locked and you go to that window Good luck getting anything other than cigarettes because they refuse to go back there and get what you want so what's the point of being open 24 hours if you can't get what you want? but just wanted everyone to know how rude they are and how poor their customer service skills are that's at Flash Foods in Albany Georgia on the corner of Radium Springs Road and Oak Ridge Drive

  3. I went to the Flash Foods in Albany Georgia on the corner of Holly drive and US 19/Liberty Expressway yesterday to get gas, cappuccino and power ball ticket. The cappuccino machine was broken as it has been for a while. I agree with the last comment and this is a big tease. I have become quite attached to the English Toffee flavor and like to treat myself to it frequently. Then there was evidently a problem with my Power Ball ticket because the clerk was at the lottery machine grumbling and going on and on about how "these people" shouldn't plat it if they don't know what they are doing & can't get it right." She did this loud enough that myself and other customers could hear it like I wasn't even there. She then told me I did it wrong and I had too many #'s. I told her what #'s should be on it and she was very flustered so I went down to the counter by the Lottery machine and asked to see the paper. I saw that I did not have too many #'s and tried to show her & she would not look. She printed out my ticket and said that would be $4. I said I only got 1 ticket and she advised me I had to pay for this other ticket because it was my fault because that is what the machine printed out. I saw a little spot on the number the machine read and it was a permanent paper flaw and I wrote my ticket in pencil. I told her I was not paying for the extra ticket but I did it just to get out of there before I said or did something stupid. She had the audacity to say "have a nice day" in a saccharine kind of way.She had me so upset I left my cup which I am sure she immediately threw in the trash. I had that cup for a long time and you can't find those 24 oz.brown Cumberland Farms handle coffee cups any more. If anyone knows where I can get one let me know. I was really happy when that store reopened after the tornado tore it up on January 22, 2017. It was like new beginnings after so much tragedy. I will avoid that store now which is too bad because it is convenient and I have gone there a lot of years. These young people now days act as though they don't need their jobs even if they have 3 mouths to feed at home. I don't know if prejudice played into it or not but I worked Customer Service jobs for years & dealt with a lot of nasty customers. I don't expect to go to a place of business now and experience a role reversal type scenario.


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