Flagstar Bank Corporate Office Headquarters

Flagstar Bank Corporate Office Headquarters
Flagstar Bancorp Inc
Address: 5151 Corporate Drive
Troy, MI 48098-2639
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-248-312-2000
Fax Number: 1-248-312-6823
Customer Service Number: 1-248-312-2000

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  1. My mother authorized me on her account for the life of the account now that she has died no-one at flagstar customer service can seem to find the authorization. We live on the property and tired of being threatened with forecloser when Flagstar is drawing money out of our bank account.

  2. I think this has had been the worst customer service ever. We had issues with our house and we had water damage. This started in January 2019. We went to the insurance company (Liberty Mutual) and they told us to get a few bids. We did. They then said it was too much and that they don't have to match the texture in the drywall or paint. They cut us checks with Flagstar on the checks. We call flagstar. They said endorse the checks and over night them.. We did, now they say that they deposit them and cut us funds back? We been paying out of pocket. Its now Oct and we are still out of a house. If they would pay us so we can get our house done!! This has taken a toll on my family and I. My fiancé is a cancer survivor and there is nothing but dust in our house. We are one of many I'm sure. But all I ask is for them to release some funds so we can get the paint done and our floors installed to put our belongings back in the house.. Please help!
    Marlon Risch


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