Fatburger Corporate Office Headquarters

Fatburger Corporate Office Headquarters
Address:301 Arizona Ave., Ste. 200 Santa Monica, CA 90401-1364
Corporate Phone Number:1-310-319-1850
Fax Number:1-310-319-1863
Customer Service Number:1-310-319-1850

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  1. I am writing you to compliment an outstanding member of your team. On our way to Las Vegas we stopped in the Fatburgers at 2843 Lenwood Rd. Unit A in Barstow California.
    We had the great pleasure of, not only enjoying your wonderful hamburgers, but to be greeted and serviced my Raymond Borunda.
    Many individuals will take pride in being above the norm, but very few set an ongoing goal of being more than outstanding. Raymond is more than outstanding. He is a total delight and totally professional.

    He made sure that from the moment that we stepped into that local that our experience would be perfect. I rarely experience in very high-end store let allow a burger-stand but he serve us amazing burgers while making us feel just as amazing.

    I know that you have locals around the world but I can’t believe that you have any employees anywhere better than Raymond.

    He is just outstanding!

    Daryl Smith
    9901 Lurline Ave. #208
    Chatsworth, CA 91311
    818 800-1693

  2. I am sending in this complaint because I have been going to this Fatburgers in Los Angeles Ca off Figueroa near USC college and it's been a really great experience with great food. In the last two months I've gone at least 15 times that's how much I love it. I always go through the drive through and order the same thing after a long day of work to just get home and chill and watch some TV and grub on some bomb food. So now after all of this being said, I just got home after ordering my same routine and come to find out my order is all wrong. So I call Julidia the manager to let her know they messed up. She starts talking in Spanish to me being very racist as if I don't speak English and tells me I need to bring her the burger back. I'm like really? At this point alls I'm trying to do is scrape all the nasty stuff off of the burger and just try my best to enjoy this not so happy meal. After being on the phone with her for like 5 min my food is getting cold fries are super cold and I'm not trying to drive back just to have her give me another burger. Seriously??? So I ask her are you going to pay for my gas? She said how much do you want for gas? I'm like 5 dollars, she said she will pay for the gas. I'm like really you will pay for my gas but not for my burger? This is stupid. All this when someone can just do the right thing and replace my meal next day I go in. A full meal. This was wrong!!! I will Yelp her and post on all the places I can post a review on her very rude disrespectful customer service,

  3. I stopped off the freeway in Ludlow and ate a original burger with fat fries at 8 pm. At 5:00am I woke up with pain in my stomach. By 7:00 I started with the dry heaves, which continued every 15 minutes for the next 10 hours as well as "other" symptoms. DEFINITELY will not be eating Fatburger again.....ever. Not something I needed to be dealing with 3 weeks after hysterectomy surgery!

  4. Thursday jan.19 2017 12:15am Istopped at fatburger on 10600 ventura blvd.in studio city,ca.three male blacks offered to pay for my order and I accepted.as they exited I waited on my order.I then overheard the male Hispanic cashier use the word at that time I immediately canceled the order and requested for a full cash refund.he stated,'you didn't pay for it you take the food or you don't get .I stated I heard you use the word you are in violation you work for a major corporation.I again requested for a cash refund and was told to get out we are closing.I immediately called 911 on my cell phone and left the property and walked toward the bus stop and noticed one of the male Hispanic workers were following me. as I stopped the fatburger employee challenged me to fight him and I called 911 again.at that time the other male Hispanic employee called out to tell him to stop his actions and they both returned to fatburger.I then entered subway to await for the arrival of the police.as I waited I discovered that I left my black business notebook inside of fatburger.The police arrived at 1:58am I explained what happened and I left my business journal notebook inside they have my business journal inside when I pulled it out I was the last person to leave.the officers talked to the two fatburger employees and informed me that they were not going to give you a cash refund they said they don't have your business notebook.the officer then stated this is a civil matter you will have to contact an attorney about this matter.


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