Fairfield Residential Corporate Office Headquarters

Fairfield Residential Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 5510 Morehouse Dr., Ste. 200 San Diego, CA 92121
Corporate Phone Number: 1-858-457-2123
Fax Number: 1-858-457-3982
Customer Service Number:1-858-457-2123

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  1. Fairfield on the bay - maintenance is horrible

  2. Scam apartments Luxury code for sec 8.

    Fairfield makes idol threats to pray on the uninformed.

    Hot off The Press

    Just to start, they removed the latch to the apartment door. My son refused to use the dead-bolt. They threaten him on the phone with eviction, Ant infestation we have to get used to them crawling on us if we sit in the living room. Have to run the central AC 24 hrs a day just to reach 75% by day’s end, The closed up 3/4 of the Ac ducts The employees are clearly nervous, after you sign the contract they then add a Ryder on stating the maintenance personal are libel. Which comes later they also threat employees to pay for the new contract before they see it. My neighbor went away for a few days he rented a storage locker for $200. My son had two friends come over for asleep over for an X box night both had to call parents to be extracted it was warmer inside the apartment. For all this I am paying Nearly $2 K They refuse to answer if they would submit the EOC request to pay the security deposit. We had two power outages here because they didn't upgrade the electrical wiring under ground.

    Who is Garry Broxmeyer Member???? I place illegal signs on my MKX COLDWR with Veterans Plates. Fairfield teamed up to attempt to evict us. I need the court date. I guessing I’m going to get the first that date, through the corporate office. Garry you aren’t getting paid enough.
    Me Barry Tramantano


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