Erickson Living Corporate Office Headquarters

Erickson Living Corporate Office Headquarters
701 Maiden Choice Lane
Baltimore, MD  21228
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-917-8189
Corporate Fax Number: 1-410-737-8854

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  1. Would like to talk to someone on your medical staff about a new product to keep your residents safe, independent, and in house longer. Already selling into IL/AL facilities as an innovative bed mobility product to help with Parkinsons, stroke, MS, MD, CP, frailty, arthritis, spinal cord injuries, etc. Unique benefits not possible with any other equipment- even allows safe/independent bed transfers for many with no leg strength. Everyone benefits! Joe Vosters; 920-915-8433,

  2. I was sent home yesterday because I finally spoke up about the racial profiling that has been going on for almost two years at Brooksby Village located in Peabody, MA. They were forcing me to have a meeting with a team of people, I said not without someone representing myself and my best interest. Since I wouldn't sit down with them they sent me home for the day, and said they would reach out to me regarding my job today. I spoke up about the injustice and I lost my hours due to it.

    Jessica Harris ID# 110797

  3. I would like an HR rep. from the corporate office to come down and visit Cedar Crest, and educate come of the employees here especially Joan T. who is our Nurse Practitioner on how not to belittle nurses, caregivers, and others. Maybe its time for a change Cedar Crest should look into hiring a NEW nurse practitioner. Ask around she does not have a good report with fellow co workers.


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