ENKEI Wheels Corporate Office Headquarters

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ENKEI Wheels Corporate Office Headquarters
5001 Henrietta Creek Road
Roanoke, TX  76262
Corporate Phone Number: 1-817-490-5600

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  1. This is the 4th time I have attempted to contact you. I am about to give up!
    This is a recommendation for you. I purchased a set of Enkei solid machined wheels off of Craig's list about 15 years ago. I have had over 60+ positive comments on them in the last 2 years. They are on
    my 69 Vette rod. I inquired at an Enkei dealer and they could not find any record or history of them. I assume they are long out of production. I'm recommending you reintroduce them as they are highly wanted by the vintage and older car market and would be a positive market move. If I can get an email address, I can send you a photo of the wheel I am describing.
    Thank you,
    Jerry Carson


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