Englefield Oil Corporate Office Headquarters

Englefield Oil Corporate Office Headquarters
Mid Ohio Industrial Park
447 James Parkway
Heath, OH  43056
Corporate Phone Number: 1-740-928-8215
Corporate Fax Number: 1-740-928-1531
Lubricants Order Desk: 1-800-837-4458

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  1. I am filing a complaint toward the manager Tania at chesterville/mt. Gilead duke and duchess. The way she treats some of hee employees is beyond ridiculous and absolutely ludacris. She is rude and throws objects. She is out of control and this is not the first time I have seen her act this way. I am a regular in the store and I would like to come in to a nice environment instead of seeing hostility with someone you call a manager.

  2. I do not think it is right to make your employees work full shifts on Thanksgiving or Christmas, your managers should not treat their employees with favoritism, everyone should have to work at least a few hours so they can have time to be with their families, not everyone has a large family and some children only have one parent at home and no one else to share the holiday with, you say your family oriented but you treat your employees like crap. The assistant manager leaves from work when she wants to even if she is scheduled from 2-10 pm. No wonder you can't keep employees and have a huge turn over !!!!! My mom works there and is my only parent, we don't have any family other than each other and I don't want her at work all day on Thanksgiving Day!!!!!!! You people suck.


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