AMResorts Corporate Office Headquarters

AMResorts Corporate Office Headquarters
7 Campus Boulevard
Newtown Square, PA 19073 USA
Email: [email protected] 
Corporate Phone Number: 1-610-359-8130
Fax Number: 1-610-359-8125
Customer Service Number: 1-610-359-8130

AMResorts Collection
Zoetry Wellness & Spa Resorts: 1-888-496-3879
Secrets Resorts & Spa: 1-866-467-3273
Breathless Resorts & Spa: 1-855-652-7328
Dreams Resorts & Spa: 1-866-237-3267
Now Resorts & Spa: 1-877-669-9953
Sunscape Resorts & Spa: 1-866-786-7227
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  1. I have been calling and mailing secret regarding upgrade since march. Why is the customer service poor.

    1. This is CRAP! It's cheaper on every travel site! I checked within SECONDS of getting your email. I even took screen shots verifying the time stamp. I tried getting a room during your last sale as soon as it was scheduled to go live. I even left my job early. FOR NOTHING! You aren't offering a good deal WHAT SO EVER!! I've stayed at both Sunscape and Secrets. The people working there are genuine and honest. Unlike your bogus advertising !! I'm requesting YOU to find me the deals you send to my email. If you prove me wrong I will eat my words.

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    2. That is how they show their appreciation to clients....THEY DONT!!

  2. Because virtual Violet was moved to Cabo!

  3. Because virtual Violet was moved to Cabo!

  4. I would like to know where I can file a formal complaint after staying at one of the AM Resorts. Incidents like this should be made known to owners of resorts!!

    1. I am also trying to contact someone at AM Resorts to file a complaint. I left a message with Customer Service at Corporate, but have not had a reply. In all fairness, I am trying to give them the opportunity to right a wrong, but if I don't hear from someone soon, I will share my experience on Trip Advisor, Expedia, Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else I can think of. I think bad press would be one of the last things they want.

  5. I too have concerns after my stay At Zoetry Agua Punta Cana. I have emailed my concerns as directed, but 27 days later I have still heard no response. I have left voice mail message with Ms. Palumbo in customer service. I expected better customer service.

  6. Looks like AM Resorts has created a bad taste in several customers mouths. I too have left messages about concerns with no return calls.

  7. The experience at I had at your resorts is the same experience I had when calling in. Horrible!!!! Getting transferred all over the place, called 4 times no resolution. If I don't get a call back by end of business today, I will post on every blog and social media about your company!

  8. I wrote customer care 2 days ago and got a response today. It was not the response that mattered (basically "you need to contact the travel company that sold to you, as we are only a representative and do not manage the resort") but the contact information was from customer care. Robin Palumbo
    Customer Care Specialist
    7 Campus Blvd.
    Newtown Square, PA 19073

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  9. Stayed at the Punta Dreams 12/17-12/22/16. My children were violently I'll losing a combiNed total of 21 lbs on 4 days; we were also very sick. My daughter was taken to er when we arrived home only to later confirm SALMONELLA!! Cannot get anyone to reach out but I will continue to pursue! This is luxury resort and we paid them alot of money to get us all very sick!!

  10. Hey curious what ur issue was at the resort I stayed at secrets and had issues there in punta cana


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