Levi Strauss Corporate Office Headquarters

Levi Strauss Corporate Office Headquarters
Levi Strauss & Co.
1155 Battery Street
San Francisco, CA 94111 USA
Website: http://www.levistrauss.com
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Levi Strauss Phone Numbers:
Corporate Phone Number: 1-415-501-6000
Fax Number: 1-415-501-7112
Dockers: 1-800-362-5377
Signature: 1-888-411-5384
Customer Service Number: 1-800-872-5384

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  1. please for the love of everything fun and stylish please bring back mens bellbottom levis

  2. CEO Chip Bergh,

    Hi Chip,

    I'm only one raindrop in the marketplace storm, but your recent comments describing your position on my 2nd amendment right to protect myself in your store compels me to part ways after 40 years of extreme customer loyalty. How many mall shootings have we read about in the past few years? Do you have armed guards in your stores? What steps are you taking to protect me and my family in your establishments? None? Then shut up and let me protect myself and those I care about. I'm not the bad guy that shoots up malls, I'm the quiet guy in the corner that puts an end to rampages such as that mentioned ten minutes before the cops show up. You may not like it because an individual possessing a lawfully owned and used firearm frightens you or makes you uncomfortable, but for those of us who have encountered the violence of bullies and thugs it's the only reasonable TIMELY prescription. Sorry, I've filled out too many police reports half an hour after their services were needed to care about your "feelings" over legally owned firearms.

    I find it amazingly ironic that your brand image was founded on rugged individualism matched to equally rugged style, fit, and quality. Yet after viewing your website I see that you have changed the scheme of the company to emphasize your commitment to unrelated green philosophy more than a focus on your product. While I unerringly support sustainability and responsible use of natures bounty, this philosophy is a given that every US company should emulate, not a marketing strategy. Pull your big boy pants up, get back to the core values that built your brand, and stop whining about people like myself who take our commitment to protecting our lives and the lives of our significant others seriously. Until then we will part ways and I will support your competitors who demonstrate the values and principles this country and your company were founded on.


    1. Absolutely! What he said. I am now parting ways with you as well after 50 years of loyal purchases, as well as the rest of my family. It's time for people like you, Mr. Bergh, to stay out of my business and mind your own. It seems as though San Francisco has dulled your senses, at least the common ones. Maybe your beverage of choice has been Pelosis koolade, or the the liberal gas has fogged your brain synapses... In any case, I hope you recover soon before you succeed in helping to destroy this country with the rest of your kind. PS, there are a massive amount of US out here. We are quiet until enough is enough. You are too arrogant to realize this. Good luck with your ignorance.

  3. Stopped purchasing your product. You want no guns....we don't want your product. BOYCOTT.

  4. I am now switching to Lee brand due to this insane policy. Buhbye.

  5. Sad that you have decided to take such a stand. Undoubtedly your product sales will reflect also this stand. Personally, my purchases will go elsewhere.

  6. Sometimes we make good choices, sometimes we make bad choices. I am seriously thinking about never purchasing Levi brand Levi's anymore. Your product quality has gone by the wayside. Your 501 jeans have have always been my favorite jeans. They are inconsistent in the quality and sizes are all over the map. I always buy 30W 34L I had to return 1 pair because they said 30w 34L but they were actually 28w 32L so the store replaced them with a pair of the same size 30w 34L. I got them home and they were quite loose and the length was almost 3" longer than 34. I also realized the denim was very thin. I have used the 501s for everyday and because they use to be top quality when they became really worn they became my work pants. They use to be good quality like Carharts so I guess I'll be looking closer Carharts brand. I like the cut of the 501s they are very comfortable I don't like pants that go around the waste. Anyway I am sorely disappointed with your entire 501 inconsistent product. Your quality of jeans is only worth about 20.00 to 25.00 a pair their not worth the 50.00+ price tag

  7. I'm going to have to quit buying Levi jeans
    and several of my friend are disappointed with the quality also.
    It seems like I can only find jeans made in Mexico, the dye bleeds for weeks. I constantly have blue hands, blue clothes that I wash with them. When they are two weeks old the knees are white where the cheap dye has left where you touch them the most. It's embarassing wearing dark jeans with white knees shining.
    I'm sure your stock holders are happy right now but being greedy usually catches up with you.

  8. I spent a great deal of time on the web site trying to find a pair of 511 jeans for 30w 34L It seems that the web site doesn't even have them for sale. Every year for the past 3 years I have tried to buy jeans for my grandson who happens to be 6'3" and no fat!!!! I may on occasion find one pair and "settle" for them but I am never happy spending my money on your web site. I keep thinking that whoever runs the company really doesn't do a very good job since the product isn't available to the customer. It is really sad to watch an American Icon go down the tubes. I am so disappointed in the product and the family that doesn't police its heritage.

  9. Good Evening, I purchased a pair of Docker's Shelter Shoes Part Number 90-3902. After less than 2 months the soles are wearing in an unusual high rate. Pictures are available upon request. I also tried to thank you for facebook and have received no response.

  10. So disappointed in Levi Strauss. I have worn Levi's since I was 16 (old enough to buy them myself). A total of 37 yrs. I saw a report that your company donated $1,000,000 to gun control groups. I only have one question, did you also donate to the NRA? If so, I can deal with your fairness, if not, you have lost a customer. Meddling with my 2nd amendment right is not your job. I have the right to protect myself and my family even though I have never owned a gun. Oops another question, why do you corporations continue to put yourself in the political arena?

  11. Lia Cardle, I couldn't have said it better. I'm also done with Levis. You would think they would want everyone to buy their product not just half of the population. They are not the only people who sells Jeans! So now I have Nike and Levis to boycott

  12. Hello,
    I wore 501s in the 90s. I love these jeans, both the traditional cut and the skinny jeans with 12 inch leg openings. I am a teacher in Canada. On most days, I wear jeans (no rips), a blazer, white or striped blue shirt, and flats. I am always looking for the perfect jeans. The perfect jeans are in dark (not rinse) or mid blue wash with no rips or whispering, cotton with 1 to 2 plus stretch, 11 to 11.5 rise, zipper and button closure, 27 l/2 length, and 12 inch leg opening. I am a size 29-30, depending on the amount of stretch. Your 501s have a button fly. I hurt my hand and cannot do up the buttons on the fly. I also have my nails manicured as I am a professional. My nails are not too long, but this also adds to the difficulty of doing up buttons. I would appreciate it if you would make my perfect jeans.

  13. I have been wearing Levi jeans since I was 12 years old I am now 53.
    Just ordered a new pair online the denim is so thin, I have t-shirts that have thicker material.
    Jean are supposed to be work clothing. I know the thinner denim saves you a lot of money, but your jeans are now not worth buying as the wear out so fast.
    I know i am not going to make any real difference to your profit line, but it is not only me who feels this way.
    No more Levi products for me!

  14. Skip,

    I just heard your interview on CNN with Poppy. I want you to know how much I support your stand against the voting restrictions proposed by some states that will ultimately hamper voting rights.
    I also advocate common sense gun control laws. Our Founders had no way of knowing about the expansion of gun proliferation and misuse of guns. Thank you for your support even to having to take extra steps to protect yourself and your family. May other corporate heads follow your dynamic lead and put their best foot forward. Your product will grow. Your philosophy to aid your employees in family leave is a progressive step in the future, as well. Good luck in the future.

  15. Carol Noblin

    Supervisor: Ladonna

    Badge#: 9294

    December 12, 2021


    I worked for Randstad while living in Memphis, Tennessee. It was great the people were fantastic and on point. No one was abused in any way shape or form. The pay was adjusted according to the job if need be.

    Las Vegas, Nevada Randstad, is not as competent. Sexual harassment is a joke and not taken seriously. Since the proper channels are not taken, therefore the sexual harassment claim is considered hearsay. Retaliation from some of the trainers toward the trainee reporting a trainer is outrageous. Some Randstad trainers be little the trainees to their face and to others. Calling them stupid, dumb, and untrainable. Better not come from another Staffing Agency they may not get trained properly or at all.

    “Randstad has a reputation for being Levi’s, In House Lapdog.”

    I am accustomed to getting paid according to the job too which I am assigned. But if you are to work in another area. You will get paid according to that area unless that area is less than yours. Thus, your pay stays the same. Randstad Supervisor is supposed to notify you of the change of work area and increase in pay if so. Instead, a Levi’s Supervisor comes and gives you the change of work area and no pay increase. Anything that deal with Ergonomics and the over use of one's body always get paid more. When asking about pay increase you will always get this statement.

    “Perform work area functions as needed to accommodate changing workload priorities.” That statement is used often. Especially, when they do not want to pay you for using your training, that neither Randstad nor Levi’s has trained you for. I was trained for Flex Pac. This is slave labor. It doesn’t matter how you put it or state it.

    The monitory O.T., is so over rated and not necessary. Levi’s is not a branch of the military. No, one is going to war. Depriving people of their sleep, healing and family time is dead wrong. Mistakes are made from not having enough sleep. You began to hallucinate. The body cannot heal. You work slower. You cannot be with your family and or do for your family. Thus, divorce and or broken family. Some of us work for are family not run from them.

    Randstad Supervisor, is never walking around the building. To make sure everyone is doing okay. Don’t talk to the temporaries to see if they need anything or to hear their grievances. You must always write a message and wait for an answer, by then you would have forgotten. The only time I have seen her was my first day.

    Everyone NEEDS retraining and new people should be added. Too relieve there over stressed situation.



    Labor Local

  16. My husband has been buying the same brand of levis since he was 14 so about 43 years. The quality of this product has gone to shit. He purchased 4 new pairs and all 4 ripped down the pocket within a day. He is now looking for another brand of jeans. We are very disappointed in this product.


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