Hacienda Mexican Restaurant Corporate Office

Hacienda Mexican Restaurant Corporate Office Headquarters
1501 N. Ironwood Dr.
South Bend, IN 46635
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-541-3227
Fax Number: n/a
Email: [email protected]
Customer Service Number: 1-800-541-3227

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  1. We are regular customers at the Haciendas in Warsaw. Last Saturday we were there and had a marvelous waitress, Tara Robinson, who explained she was there from your restaurant in Kokomo helping out due to a shortage of help in Warsaw. She was friendly, gave excellent service and made our experience very enjoyable. When our order was not quite right due to us not being clear, it was fixed immediately and the wonderful lady doing the cooking brought it to our table in short time and was very nice. The food was great, but the service all evening was wonderful. Both of these ladies are to be commended. I hope they will get the deserved recognition for being such wonderful representatives of your restaurants.

  2. I just want you to no the service at goshen store is terrible and not to mention the manager Robin is very hateful our party ended up being a little larger than we expected and there are several empty table but she will not accomodate us and her name is Robin we come in about every other week and put up with her the group at Sam club will pass the word on to our freinds tell them we will not come back

  3. i ordered take out from the plymouth, indiana store today 2/27/2021 and did not get any dressing for my salad and no sauce for the 2 wet burrito's and no chips and salsa. my wife has ALS and hacienda food was what she wanted to eat tonight but was disapointed when their was no chips and sauce for her burrito the food tasted terroble. spent $42 for nothing

  4. We were at Hacienda Michigan City,IN and the waitress Lillie was totally awesome

  5. we love Hacienda but recently it seems like the prices are going up and the portions of food are shrinking i mean if i pay for a serving of rice i want a real serving what i had on my plate was not even a spoon of rice i asked the waiter whats going on with this rice but he din t speak english so left the place hungry.....


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