Diversicare Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Diversicare Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
1621 Galeria Boulevard
Brentwood, TN  37027
Corporate Phone Number: 1-615-771-7575

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  1. Staffing coordinator at normandy terrace san antonio texas are giving all the hours/ overtime to employees that she favors..prn would sign up for hours but she would always cancel them giving different lies...you can ask prn nurses like phillis white,mary swindler ,etc..and check your employees overtime.and that staffing coordinator acts like she is the administrator

  2. This to Tina,Dawn,and Stacey.
    I was at oakmont healthcare in humble Tx 8450 will clayton parkway today taking my fiancee something to drink.When i was approached by the receptionist for me to sign a form for my mother that is there at the center as a resident. I am not a responsible for my mother, Chandra Garritt came and ask me to come in her office to see if i had a place for my mother go and live. And i dont have any means to take care of my mom. Betty ann Lee needs 24 hour care. I have asked Chandra Garritt and her employees to stop harassing me with this issue and they have consistently called my phone and came to me in person, I want this to stop. I am not responsible for my mother and her bill that she owes oakmont healhcare. Please see that this getts taken care of.. If this continues i will call my lawyer and take legal action and have already inform my lawyer of the harassment that i am getting. Chandra Garritt is very wrong for this please help me in this matter by tomorrow and know later or i will be forced to take legal.. By the i have talk to Chandra Garritt about this a month ago and ask her to stop bothering me with this issue about my mom. Also I have ask her book keeper to stop calling me to... Me Gloria and Chandra, have already talk about this a month in a have ago......
    Wayne Lee



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