AAFES Corporate Office Headquarters

Afes Corporate Office Headquarters
The Army & Air Force Exchange Service
3911 South Walton Walker Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75236-1598 USA
Website: http://shop.aafes.com/shop/
Corporate Phone Number: 1-214-312-2011
Fax Number: 1-214-312-3000
Customer Service Number: 1-800-527-2345
TDD: 1-800-423-2011

Afes International Phone Numbers:
Germany: 0800-82-16500
Japan / Okinawa: 00531-11-4132
Korea: 00308-13-0664
Italy: 8008-71227
Guam: 01800-636-3297
Belgium: 0800-7-2432
Netherlands: 0800-022-7129
United Kingdom: 0800-96-8101
Spain: 900-971-391
*Turkey: 00800-18-488-6312
Outside USA: 1-214-465-6690
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  1. Been trying to chase my refund which was authorized by ashley furniture almost two months ago, and no one can give me any information or find me in the system when the liaison officer for ashley/aafes at marketing plus has sent numerous communications along with the credit memo to aafes escalation team!

  2. CW3 (retired) Richard T. BellOctober 13, 2016 at 1:47 PM

    Recently, I ordered a dining room table and chairs plus a Curio cabinet that was supposed to include two of the same chairs as what came with the table. It was Home Elegance's Nash collection, and it was delivered in beautiful condition minus the two chairs that were supposed to come with the Curio cabinet. When I contacted AAFES customer service about the two missing chairs, I was told by customer service representative, KEVIN, that the Curio Cabinet description was in error, and I would not be receiving the two chairs as stated in the specifications section of the product DESCRIPTION. I asked what AAFES was going to do to rectify the problem, and KEVIN told me they weren't going to do anything about it. Basically I was SCREWED. Not only were the AAFES prices higher than Home Elegance website prices, but they weren't going to honor the AAFES description of the product. Could we expect anything less from AFFES???? May AAFES rot in HELL!!!!!

  3. Worst customer service I have ever experienced with any facility. Called in Nov 2016 about a buying a TV advertised on line with AAFES. It had been on the site for a few days and showed as out of stock but I called to order it anyway. Was told by customer service manager Eve that I need to read the disclaimer and that I could not get a TV that was out of stock. She was very rude. On Dec 2 2016 I ordered an in stock TV, order number 2243783222. It was in stock and there were some still in stock after the placement of the order. A few days later the item is out of stock with an unknown delivery date. I called customer service as to why I was able to order the TV if it was out of stock and no one could answer my question. So I was lied to by Eve as to I could have ordered the original TV. I called and spoke to Christopher Frederick at AAFES PR Dept about the issue. He apologized and said he would look into the matter and call me back. This was around the 16th. As of 12/30/2016 I have not heard from him, I have left messages and on 12/30 called and found out the TV was at Ft Wood, MO. It was delivered the 29th. No e-mail or phone call has been made to me. I called and asked for the manager at Ft Wood at 1:30pm on 12/30/2016 to talk about pickup and why no notification only to be hung up on by a woman claiming to be the manager but would not tell me her name. Tried to call Dallas customer service to no avail. Only leave a message and we'll return your call in the future sometime. This is the terrible customer service I have experienced. I will be glad to share it on facebook and with my Congressman if I do not hear from someone by close of business today. Order 2243783222

  4. I've noticed that pricing is high compared to off base even with paying sale taxes. Even gas prices are higher than you can get off base on occasions. I thought it was suppose to be cheaper, a benefit to the service member and retirees to shop on base. It appears that AAAFES is not committed to the military community.


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