Hakim Optical Corporate Office Headquarters

Hakim Optical Corporate Office Headquarters
Hakim Optical Laboratory Limited Head Office
128 Hazelton Avenue 3rd Floor
Toronto, ON M5R 2E5 Canada
Corporate Phone Number: 1-416-924-8866
Fax Number: 1-416-323-0660
Customer Service Number: 1-877-524-2020

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  1. We are very impressed with the staff at the Woodstock store. The optician adjusted my
    frames even though I had bought them elsewhere!

    The Murphy's
    Woodstock, Ont

    1. The Woodstock store has lost my second pair of glasses, this is vehemently unacceptable, just shy of $1000.00, the organizational skills and filing system is pathetic.


  2. Very happy with level of service received at the Ajax store at 1949 Ravenscroft. Anna was very professional and an absolute pleasure to deal with.

  3. Unbeknownst to me, a “certified” ‘temp’, Michelle Tai, was brought in test my eyes at Hakim on the Guelph Line in Burlington. I was charged $80 & given a new prescription. When I took it to my regular eye-glass maker, they said there was a strange change in the prism on the lens. They phoned Hakim to confirm. Hakim confirmed, so they went ahead with the glasses. I knew the moment I put them on that something was very wrong. The ‘’eye-cross’ condition was 10xs worse, not better. I got a second test done ($70), and he identified the problem as an INACCURATE write-up of the ‘prism’ in my prescription. ~ New glasses were made ($400+). ~ I have tried innumerable times over several weeks to get Ms. Tai to compensate me for the INACCURACY of her work. To no avail, she stalls, wont pick up, hides behind Hakim, and Hakim hides behind her in a stupid game of ‘telephone tag’. In the simplest of terms, she made a mistake. She should accept responsibility for her error as a ‘professional’ and immediately compensate me for the monies spent, not to mention the anguish & inconvenience. ~ Not impressed & will tell everyone I know to steer clear of HAKIM, especially their ‘temp’ “certified” apparently ‘freelance’ employees.

  4. Hi I had my eyes checked in jan . Need a prescription so paid over $600 for my glasses .. ever since I cant clean them . Every time I do they look like there s smugness all over. How I clean them.. have the. Spray.. the wipes... and clothes given to me .. had them sent back 3 times to get fixed but still not able to clean them...... I would like something to be done . Like my money back... this was at Harkin in mic mac mall ..Dartmouth .ns canada.. I would not recomend hakim to anyone...some of the staff just roll there eyes at me. Thrres one lady a older blonde lady.. that goes out of her say to help me but.. still cant clean my lens and I need to wear them all. The time... u can get back to me at [email protected]


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