Batteries Plus Corporate Office Headquarters

Batteries Plus Corporate Office Headquarters
925 Walnut Ridge Drive
Hartland, WI  53029
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-677-8278

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    1. On 1-6-16 at 5:55 pm I called Batteries Plus 525 West Douglas Road, Mishawaka, IN 46545, 574-271-2931 and asked if they sold small bulbs for a battery operated magnifier I own. I do not have a bulb for it but you can see the profile of the base. The salesman said he has thousands of small bulbs and would not be able to help me if I didn't know the exact bulb because of voltage etc and didn't want to burn out his bulbs.

      I have issues with this because 1) batteries will not burn out the bulb because of voltage, 2) if the bulb fits in the base it will work and 3) if I purchase a bulb why does he care if it later burns out ...that is my concern.

      He discouraged me from coming in saying he probably would not be able to help me.

      I hope this location is not corporate owned because whoever this is doesn't truly understand his business nor does he have experience with bulbs. I couldn't believe he didn't say, "Come in and I am sure we can find the right bulb for you."

      I'm leaving this message so if this is a franchise understand you have a franchisee who doesn't quite understand his business or bulbs.

  2. I'm writing to try an contact an make those that need to know of how shady Your managers/warranty is. I purchased a lithium battery (almost 300$) for my motorcycle around August of 2015 here it is August of 2016 an the battery has not only failed me but fail the stores testing. At the time of purchase and now I'm told the battery has a two year warranty but the warranty is void because of low voltage. Isn't a bad battery a bad battery?

  3. I want your bring attention to one of the greatest employees and representatives of your company located in your Pinellas Store on Park Blvd. His name is Josh Landers. I had a problem with my Apple 51c phone and needed a new battery. Josh took the phone and unfortunately part of the motherboard was affected when he removed the tape holding the battery. The phone had to be replaced, which was done on August 16, 2019. He has a great wit and humor. While I waited for my phone getting info from the old phone there were a couple of irate customers that came in and were not happy with the outcome of their situation. Josh took the abuse in stride and moved on, never trying to intimidate nor argue with the customer. Really smooth, calm and collected. I hope you realize that Josh is not only a super tech, but also a super person. Will be back if I ever have any problems with other equipment you can fix.

    Have a great day!

    Sam Warr
    8198 Terrace Garden Dr. N
    Unit 306
    St. Petersburg, Fl 33709

  4. Great Customer Service from the team at your Roseville, Minnesota Store. Karla and her team are informative and engaging. Your reputation is enhanced by competent and hard working folks like Karla. I watched three happy customers walk out the door ahead of me on my return trip. I'll be singing the praises of this location.


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