Byram Healthcare Corporate Office Headquarters

Byram Healthcare Corporate Office Headquarters
120 Bloomingdale Road
White Plains, NY  10605
Corporate Phone Number: 1-914-286-2000
Customer Service Number: 1-877-902-9726

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  1. I don't know what has happened to your customer service in last 30 days but they are impossible to reach. I have called when they first open and sit on hold over 2 hours, end of day just as bad. I work for a living and cannot call on breaks or lunch. When I do its hold the entire time and I have to hang up. I belong to an ostomy online support group with almost 3000 members and this has been a chief complaint. I have went thru breast pump area and they put people right thru. And yes I have the right phone number 877-902-9726. Have been on hold now 2 hours and 38 minutes. It is now 6 p.m. central time. Byram does not seem to care anymore!

  2. I have had the very same experience. My husband is a lifelong type 1 diabetic and his CGM monitor transmitter expired without warning. I called on Friday July 13th twice and was on hold for 13 minutes the first time and 2 minutes the second time. Neither time did anyone come on the line except for the annoying message that keeps saying "your call is important to us...". Then I called July 14, 16, 18 and 20th to no avail having been on hold for anywhere between 7 to 30 minutes. I was even hung up on after two of the on hold calls after waiting between 25-30 minutes. I finally got through to some poor woman yesterday, July 24 who listened to more tirade (after I apologize for laying it on her). There is NO customer service as far as I can tell. It is unconscionable that anyone should have a medical supply company that does not provide top notch service to customers, who by the way, depend on their products for their quality of life. Something needs to change.


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