BuzzFeed Corporate Office Headquarters

BuzzFeed Corporate Office Headquarters
200 5th Avenue
8th Floor
New York, NY  10010
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-431-7464

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  1. Is buzzfeed a public company, or plan on being one soon?

  2. I just want to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for you news piece on the myths on Pit Bulls!! We recently rescued one and have been dog owners our whole lives. The stigma placed on these sweet animals is so unfair. Thanks for giving these guys a fair shake! The Pit Bull we own now is definitely the sweetest dog we've EVER had. So good with our kids. I appreciate what you said about them. 8)

  3. What is wrong with you idiots? I use MSN as my home page and look at some of the stories you produce there at BuzzFeed. Why can't you just report the story with out your idiot reporters/on-air talent making jokes about every story? I just watched a story about the rarest big cat on the planet, which no one has seen in decades, and your on-air talent, using the talent very loosely, has to make some stupid comment about eating. WTF. This is what wrong with the millennial generation, everything is a joke to them. Just report the news. Leave the comedy to the comedians. You are not funny.

    1. take a chill pill.

  4. Why did Buzzfeed receive an award from Planned Parenthood after those gruesome abortion videos about that organization?

  5. just stop saying lies and stop clickbaiting and im finr with you.

  6. You should all kill yourselves.


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